Things You Should Know About Cryptocurrencies Scams


Having provisions to avoid fraudulent situations that lead to losses, is an attitude that we should not ignore. The universe of cryptocurrencies is not exempt from these situations, and that is why in this article we will guide you a little about Things you should know about Cryptocurencies Scams.

The Crytocurrencies and the anonymity

Without a doubt what is one of its most important performance characteristics, it turns against it with serious potential. Cryptocurrencies allow us to carry out transactions anonymously and with a sense of security that undoubtedly attracts many to adopt them as a means of payment.

But this anonymity is one of the main reasons why governments and other detractors of the digital coins will not finish giving the good pro to this already unstoppable modality of payment.

Anonymity lends itself to attracting unscrupulous individuals and organizations who can operate in money laundering, extortion, and other criminality. And the scams unfortunately are the order of the day.

Most common modes of fraud with Cryptocurrencies

Unfortunately falling into a scam is something that can happen to us all. However we recommend to be very attentive to these two modalities in particular:

Ponzi schemes.

They are schemes that promise a return to an investment in a given time. They actually have no sources of income other than the same deposits until it becomes unsustainable. Example: Onecoin.


These sites offer to double the amount of the initial investment of each investor, in a period of time that varies between 48 to 100 hours in the majority of the cases. Again they have no real income support more than that of investor deposits and collapse in a few days.

Preventing scams is possible, and it is through education and common sense. Always keep in mind the lack of knowledge about the investment you are going to make, and greed. Ignorance and greed are the worst enemies to overcome, as they are the ones who push you to the possibilities of being a victim of a Cryptocurrencies scam.