Mirocana: Artificial Intelligence platform for Transparent Investment

Artificial intelligence expands on more advanced projects whose scope touches all areas. Such is the case in the financial field, where Mirocana comes to...

LavkaLavka, BioCoin and the first legal ICO in Russia

In Russia LavkaLavka, an international eco-farming and retail network company, has launched a crowdsale of the integrated cryptography platform BioCoin in association with a...
finlands bank

Bank of Finland Report: Bitcoin is a revolutionary currency system

Certainly the understanding of the scope of bitcoin as a monetary solution is growing. More and more government institutions are showing this. This is...

Jumblr, the new sharedrop for Komodo holders

The development of solutions in cryptocurrencies and the block chain technology on which it is based is marking the course of international exchanges between...

Released the new Bitcoin Core 0.14

Recently has come to light the new Bitcoin Core in its version 0.14, Bitcoin's reference client. This release contains some significant improvements in performance,...

The Qtum project, a mixture of Bitcoin and Ethereum

The Qtum project, created by the Quantum Foundation (whose headquarters are in Singapore) have like an aims to mix the Bitcoin protocol with Ethereum...

Monero already releases official Wallet

Cryptocurrencies continue to grow. The official release of the GUI for Monero (XMR) portfolio announced on December 22 provides an impetus for the cryptocurrency...

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is first of all a currency like any other, but with the main difference that it is a digital currency. This digital currency...

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