Pryze: a secure prize platform based on blockchain

Marketing has been one of the sectors best used in this new trend of application of blockchain tokenized solutions. This time we will talk...

Knowing Cardano protocol

The increase in blockchain-based solutions is always in motion. A new protocol has been making noise; it's about Cardano, and we'll talk about it...

Bulltoken: Attending the best ICO´s

In these months we have attended an important number of ICO's of all kinds, some of which unfortunately sound too good to be true....

BABB: The World Bank for Microeconomics

A decentralized banking platform that takes advantage of blockchain and biometric technologies to offer anyone in the world access to a bank account in...

Human Discovery Platform: analysis of human personality driven by blockchain

New technologies aim at artificial intelligence to achieve highly personalized and specialized results. From an analysis of human personality driven by blockchain will give...

CopyrightBank: registration and verification of copyright powered by NEM

  CopyrightBank is a project proposed by the NEM community whose purpose is to register and verify the copyright of various categories of digital creations,...

Privatix: bandwidth with own cryptoeconomy

This time we will talk about the Privatix network. This platform is presented to us as a decentralized, 100% autonomous VPN P2P network based...

Xenon Network: an alternative blockchain

The idea of creating a business blockchain, efficient and specifically dedicated to corporate solutions such as identity verification of people, is a reality in...

Streamr: Blockchain to decentralize the data flow

The decentralized data flow is finally becoming a reality. One of the platforms at the forefront of the innovative concept of data exchange is...

Nimiq: more than payment solutions

Nimiq is the first decentralized peer-to-peer browser based on blockchain technology that is presented as a third-generation blockchain technology designed for peer-to-peer payments using...

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