Rusia regulation

Russia plans to legalize trade in cryptocurrencies… but with conditions

The Russian Ministry of Finance, together with the Central Bank of Russia, has drafted a bill to legalize trade with cryptocurrencies in approved exchanges....
Ucrania regulation

Ukraine plans to regulate the use of cryptocurrencies

Several authorities of the Ukrainian government have announced on Thursday that they are going to form a working group tasked with studying different approaches...
Corea Bitcoin prohibition

Will cryptocurrencies finally be allowed in South Korea?

Investors and cryptocurrency traders in South Korea have experienced moments of tension in recent days, due to the latest measures taken by the government,...
Petro coin2

The Petro, declared unconstitutional by the National Assembly of Venezuela

Last Tuesday, the Venezuelan Parliament published a decree declaring Petro an "illegal", null and unconstitutional cryptocurrency. They also affirmed that the government only wants...
Bitcoin South korea

South Korea plans to tax cryptocurrencies

South Korea could apply within the next six months, a tax plan for the collection of taxes on operations carried out in cryptocurrencies. This...
malasya coins

Malaysia won’t be banning cryptocurrencies, said Finance Minister

A blanket ban on cryptocurrencies issued by the Malaysian government has been ruled out – for relief of locals that have invested on them...
Maduro El Petro

Petro coin to be backed up by 5 billion barrels of petroleum, said Maduro

Venezuela’s polemic president Nicolas Maduro, has announced this December 27 that an estimated of 5,000 million barrels of petroleum, belonging to that country’s hydrocarbons...
Trump blockchain defense

Trump signs defense bill authorizing blockchain research

U.S. President Donald Trump has recently signed the annual defense policy bill of $700 billion in military spends that, among other things like armament...
Turkey warns bitcoin

Turkey Central Bank: Bitcoin is a threat

With the quick growth Bitcoin has had this year, a ton of warnings and negative statements have been issued by financial authorities from countries...
Cannabis Bitcoin

Influence of cryptocurrencies in the cannabis market

This year it did not look good for cannabis users in those places where the laws criminalizing the product are still archaic. The main...

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