E-Trade Bitcoin

E-Trade offers Bitcoin futures transactions through CME Group

In these weeks the increase in the price of bitcoin has awakened a decisive interest in investment possibilities and several firms specializing in financial...
Marko Kobal

NiceHash CEO resigns a week after the breach

Marko Kobal, CEO and co-founder of Slovenian cryptocurrency startup NiceHash that was subject of a Bitcoin hack in December, has renounced to his position...

Change and Kyber Network: new alliance

The people of the Change platform - a promising proposal of tokenized financial services based on blockchain - have recently announced on their blog...
richcigars bitcoin

Things in the world of cryptocurrencies: from Cigars to Bitcoin

The adoption of new technologies is a common need in every industry. However, not all companies are willing to take a radical turn in...

IOTA to the clouds following a Partnership announcement with big companies (such as Microsoft)

IOTA, the Internet-of-Things-oriented cryptocurrency, has seen a sudden growth in its market cap, following an announcement issued this November 28, about a Partnership agreement...

Pryze: a secure prize platform based on blockchain

Marketing has been one of the sectors best used in this new trend of application of blockchain tokenized solutions. This time we will talk...

Amazon at the cryptocurrency arena?

The Amazon giant made certain moves that have not gone unnoticed by the crypto community after "Internet detectives" discovered that the company has just...

Streamr: Blockchain to decentralize the data flow

The decentralized data flow is finally becoming a reality. One of the platforms at the forefront of the innovative concept of data exchange is...

Nimiq: more than payment solutions

Nimiq is the first decentralized peer-to-peer browser based on blockchain technology that is presented as a third-generation blockchain technology designed for peer-to-peer payments using...

Cryptonomos: the best ICO’s

The blockchain environment has been exponentially bombarded with initial offers of coins - ICO's - from a myriad of projects of the most diverse...

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