Novogratz Galaxy Cryptocurrencies

Novogratz, Galaxy Digital and his plan to create a commercial bank for cryptocurrencies

The adoption of cryptocurrencies is already an irreversible economic phenomenon. From this reality it is natural to expect the emergence of solutions that complement...
Trump Oval Office Venezuela Petro

U.S.: Petro may countervene sanctions against Venezuelan government

The U.S. Treasury has issued a warning to U.S. investors to be cautious when approaching to the recently created Petro coin, a cryptocurrency developed...
Park Sang-ki

Controversy on South Korea’s political field following cryptocurrency trading ban announcement

With Justice Minister Park Sang-ki’s statement of passing a blanket ban over cryptocurrency trading in South Korea, the political space is trembling as members...
alba venezuela

ALBA’s members should adopt “Petro”, says Maduro

Venezuela’s polemic president, Nicolas Maduro, proposed this Friday all governments that are part of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (Alianza...
Rusia regulation

Russia plans to legalize trade in cryptocurrencies… but with conditions

The Russian Ministry of Finance, together with the Central Bank of Russia, has drafted a bill to legalize trade with cryptocurrencies in approved exchanges....
new currencies

Kodak and Telegram announce the creation of their cryptocurrency

The technology and image company Kodak, announced the launch of its own crytocurrency, the KodakCoin. Which will be part of its new platform for...
Ucrania regulation

Ukraine plans to regulate the use of cryptocurrencies

Several authorities of the Ukrainian government have announced on Thursday that they are going to form a working group tasked with studying different approaches...
Corea Bitcoin prohibition

Will cryptocurrencies finally be allowed in South Korea?

Investors and cryptocurrency traders in South Korea have experienced moments of tension in recent days, due to the latest measures taken by the government,...
Petro coin2

The Petro, declared unconstitutional by the National Assembly of Venezuela

Last Tuesday, the Venezuelan Parliament published a decree declaring Petro an "illegal", null and unconstitutional cryptocurrency. They also affirmed that the government only wants...
Bitcoin South korea

South Korea plans to tax cryptocurrencies

South Korea could apply within the next six months, a tax plan for the collection of taxes on operations carried out in cryptocurrencies. This...

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