TRAVELFLEX – The global Crypto Payment Solution

The tourism services sector is a very fertile field of business possibilities in which blockchain ventures are beginning to flourish successfully. In this opportunity...

Hurify, the Internet of Things and its blockchain platform

In these times things are connected more than ever thanks to the interaction by the internet and the possibilities that through solutions applied to...

SOFIN: A P2P lending platform

The new financial services platforms have embraced a good spectrum of ICOs that have been presented in recent times. These services also cover the...

Bankera: a more efficient bank for the blockchain era

The financial services platforms have been one of the richest niches in blockchain proposals and their ICOs, generating a whole movement of possibilities that...

Nexty: Cryptocurrency free of transaction costs to boost e-commerce

The impulse that cryptocurrencies have given to commercial exchange possibilities in digital media is indisputable. However, it has been demonstrated that when a cryptocurrency...

Crycash: New cryptocurrency ecosystem created for players

The blockchain developments that we are seeing these days have greatly favored the niche of video games. The tokenization of these proposals has been...

JoyToken: blockchain transparency for online casinos where everyone wins

In the field of online casinos the lack of trust and transparency is a problem. To acquire and retain players, casinos are forced to...

RepuX: data exchange solution protocol

One of the challenges of the development of artificial intelligence is undoubtedly access to usable data. Companies have terabytes of data stored within their...

Game Machine and its GameFuel Token

Developments in the field of games continue to take advantage of the possibilities that blockchain technology provides. This is the case of the Game...

Adhive: Videoinfluencers with the power of blockchain

One of the most popular sectors of blockchain technology in this boom of ICO's, has been undoubtedly digital advertising and digital marketing. In this...

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