Bitcoin Cash grows in transaction volume and reaches Bitcoin

The behavior of the cryptocurrencies has a volatility factor that does not exist in the fiduciary money, and is perhaps the main Achilles heel...

A great correction causes a general decreasing in the cryptocurrency market

On the last few days, all of the digital coins listed at the top 100 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap have seen red numbers...
Novogratz Galaxy Cryptocurrencies

Novogratz, Galaxy Digital and his plan to create a commercial bank for cryptocurrencies

The adoption of cryptocurrencies is already an irreversible economic phenomenon. From this reality it is natural to expect the emergence of solutions that complement...
RightMesh y NAU Ico´s

RightMesh and NAU two promising ICO’s for 2018

The advances in recent months in blockchain technology make it one of the trends to follow this year, making it a real promise. Although...
Trump Oval Office Venezuela Petro

U.S.: Petro may countervene sanctions against Venezuelan government

The U.S. Treasury has issued a warning to U.S. investors to be cautious when approaching to the recently created Petro coin, a cryptocurrency developed...

What is IOTA?

In the middle of the fluctuations that Bitcoin has experienced with its price and how this has affected several Altcoins, this time we will...
MacAfee y Electroneum

Electroneum: The McAfee bet to 2018

Electroneum is a British cryptocurrency that was launched through an ICO or initial coin offerig on September 14, 2017. It is developed for the...
Park Sang-ki

Controversy on South Korea’s political field following cryptocurrency trading ban announcement

With Justice Minister Park Sang-ki’s statement of passing a blanket ban over cryptocurrency trading in South Korea, the political space is trembling as members...

LocationCore: The new NEM proposal

The blockchain platform of NEM has been having an important acceptance in diversity of projects, many of which are putting to vote of the...
alba venezuela

ALBA’s members should adopt “Petro”, says Maduro

Venezuela’s polemic president, Nicolas Maduro, proposed this Friday all governments that are part of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (Alianza...

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