TRON Arcade Announces Collaboration with CryptoDungeons

TRON Arcade Announces Collaboration with CryptoDungeons

Ever since its evolution, the TRON Arcade’s main aim has been to break open the gaming industry for blockchain. The TRON Arcade fund has, and continues to empower developers in order to create and execute ideas, to introduce new games and content into an autonomous ecosystem, and to create a strong community of content and entertainment.

Just recently, Tron Arcade posted a tweet on their twitter platform announcing their collaboration with CryptoDungeons, a fantasy role playing game built entirely on blockchain. CryptoDungeons features 5 races, including Humans, Angels, Dwarfs, Elves and Orcs. It also features 4 classes including Mages, Priests, Rogues and Warriors. Each class will be able to utilize up to five abilities. For example, Warriors will have the abilities to strike, Heavy Strike, Shield Slam, Shield Wall, and Warrior Shout.

The game revolves around the kingdom of Brightdawn, a kingdom that has asked its people to start gathering supplies, weapons and armour since it is preparing for war.

Using TRX, TRON’s native coin

Currently, players can play several missions to gather materials that can be used to craft powerful weapons and armour. Players are able to pass a mission by carefully selecting heroes suited to the mission’s challenges. Parties of heroes can also be assembled to take on dungeons, where players can gain rare items that will assist them in the most exciting elements of CryptoDungeons — player versus player tournaments. Dungeons are available to those who have at least 3 heroes, and players will have up to six rounds for their heroes to defeat the enemies.

Using TRX, TRON’s native coin, players will be able to compete in the Player versus Player tournaments and also be able to buy and sell items and heroes.

The CryptoDungeons team has promised to soon announce the game’s presale as it is still in development. The gaming industry is rapidly growing, and in the process most crypto games have also achieved popularity thanks to the TRON Community’s great support towards making crypto gaming a mainstream in the industry.