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$ 317.253.000
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$ 18.398.800.000
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Ripple (XRP) Has Been Losing Value Consistently in Days

Ripple the number 3 digital currency according to market cap made an extraordinary gain barely a week ago. The coin however has been seeing...

Ripple leads a crypto-coalition to promote friendly policies towards cryptocurrencies

Ripple is leading a group of Financial Technology startups and businesses in a campaign to promote a legal space that is favorable for the...

Ripple launches a social program to incentivize education

Blockchain payment processor Ripple has formally announced the launch of its social impact program called "Ripple for Good", through which they will donate funds...

Ripple flipped Ethereum for a brief moment

Yesterday, the crypto community was shocked to see that there was another crypto asset in the 2nd place of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by...

Ripple continues to be adopted by more banks

Since its launch, Ripple has been convincing in a remarkable way many potential financial institutional users, for whom it is ultimately targeted as a...

Ripple to launch commercial version of xRapid in October

On September 17, it was known that the blockchain platform Ripple is planning to launch a commercial version of its new cryptographic product –...

South Korean Police and the FBI Bust International Ripple Phishing Scam

Two individuals have been arrested in connection to previous phishing scams that saw the victims lose Ripple coins worth more than $800,000. The two...

David Schwartz says that Ripple is more decentralized than Bitcoin

Ripple has courted the indignation of some in the crypto community after a senior executive who is the CTO of the company, David Schwartz...

The Fact About Ripple’s Convergence Solution

There have been discussions lately on Ripple’s Convergence Solution even though many in the community have no inkling on the source of the news....

Ripple incorporates 3 Cryptos into XRapid

Ripple has incorporated three cryptocurrencies from the US, Mexico and Philippines into its xRapid payments solution, a press release elaborated on the16th of August. The...

Ripple thoroughly explores the Chinese market

Ripple is considering a dive into the Chinese market with the primary aim of facilitating cross border payments through its Distributed Ledger Technology, CNBC...

Ripple hires Facebook executive and appoints new CTO

The blockchain fintech, Ripple announced Wednesday the appointment of another top executive from Facebook. This time, the company has hired Kahina Van Dyke, a...

Ripple Executive Speaks About The Fintech’s First Client

Asheesh Birla, the Senior VP for Product at Ripple, spoke about finding their first business after the platform was launched. He said it was...

Ripple’s CEO says Coinbase should add XRP to its list

The native cryptocurrency of Ripple, the XRP, should be integrated in cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, according to Brad Garlinghouse, figure of the company that oversees...

Ripple’s CEO asserts Bitcoin is controlled by China

Bitcoin (BTC) is now the target of some bashing by Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Ripple (XRP). Garlinghouse...

Ripple CEO Thinks Bitcoin Infuence Over Crypto Pricing Will Soon End

It is a known fact that the price of Bitcoin, the premier cryptocurrency influences that of the other altcoins. The Ripple CEO thinks that...
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