Cybertrust assets

CyberTrust: making cryptocurrencies safe financial assets

One of the challenges of the growth of an economy whose fundamental axis are cryptocurrencies, has been the global adoption of those. There is...

Bankex: liquidity guaranteed by tokenized smart assets

Fintech companies are being the main drivers of the development of blockchain technology for uses as diverse as everyday life is. With the rise... Social network of tokenized challenges

Social networks have proven to have an undeniable impact on the development of the dynamics of interpersonal, business and commercial interactions. Today the world...
Oil Barrels cryptocurrency

What is Petro?

Bitcoin was launched in the wake of an economic crisis, ostensibly as an alternative to the centralized economy we all know. Over the years...

Votem: making mobile voting a reality thanks to blockchain

The blockchain technology is not only demonstrating its impact on business possibilities, and on the economic movement in general. Blockchain has benefits that allow...
VR virtual world

Decentraland: virtual reality driven by blockchain

Virtual Reality also benefits from the potential of blockchain technology to expand and reach more users around the world. In this opportunity we will...
Giveth donation

Giveth and the scalability of Ethereum

The activity in the cryptocurrency space is very dynamic and vertiginous. Among them the most outstanding in its behavior was and remains without a...

Steem, the cryptocurrency of Steemit

The Altcoin market has grown to a market of $ 400 billion, with a presence of almost 1,500 altcoins that investors can choose from...

Meeting eBitcoin

The development of viable solutions to the bottlenecks that have caused the problems of transaction processing and high bitcoin costs, is the order of...
Dimensions Network Blockchain

Dimensions Network: the next generation in cryptocurrency trading platforms

Undoubtedly one of the sectors that has benefited most from the development of blockchain proposals in these times of boom of ICO's, is the...

ICO Countdown

Alfatoken cryptodivisas icos
Ends: 22/04/2018
Alfatoken cryptodivisas icos
BitRewards cryptodivisas icos
[ICO] BitRewards
Ends: 09/05/2018
BitRewards cryptodivisas icos
ConcertVR cryptodivisas icos
[ICO] ConcertVR
Ends: 15/05/2018
ConcertVR cryptodivisas icos
Cryptics cryptodivisas icos
[ICO] Cryptics
Starts: 14/05/2018
Cryptics cryptodivisas icos
TopiaCoin cryptodivisas icos
[ICO] TopiaCoin
Starts: 15/05/2018
TopiaCoin cryptodivisas icos
CryptoFlix cryptodivisas icos
[ICO] CryptoFlix
Starts: 15/05/2018
CryptoFlix cryptodivisas icos