FlipNpik: Social media available to local businesses

We are at a times when solutions powered by blockchain technology under a tokenized scheme are gaining ground with firm step. Encompassing practically all...
Online Casino

Liger: blockchain and casinos one step beyond

Undoubtedly one of the sectors most benefited by cryptography has been the online betting and games. Since the advent and increasingly popular adoption of...
ICOBox ICOSID: Simplifying processes

ICOSID from ICOBox: Simplifying processes

Following the evolution of the ICOs is very instructive, it allows us to evaluate not only the success of a project, but also shows...

Datawallet: Empowering internet users with their personal data

One of the intangible values ​​in greatest growth in demand is personal data. Large corporations literally live off the universe of possibilities that personal...
Kin ads big data selling

Kind Ads: Another blockchain step towards the end of the dictatorship of Facebook and...

We have recently talked in this space about the importance that blockchain technology is having in the aspect of equity in the handling of...
Cybertrust assets

CyberTrust: making cryptocurrencies safe financial assets

One of the challenges of the growth of an economy whose fundamental axis are cryptocurrencies, has been the global adoption of those. There is...

Bankex: liquidity guaranteed by tokenized smart assets

Fintech companies are being the main drivers of the development of blockchain technology for uses as diverse as everyday life is. With the rise...

Provoco.me: Social network of tokenized challenges

Social networks have proven to have an undeniable impact on the development of the dynamics of interpersonal, business and commercial interactions. Today the world...
Oil Barrels cryptocurrency

What is Petro?

Bitcoin was launched in the wake of an economic crisis, ostensibly as an alternative to the centralized economy we all know. Over the years...

Votem: making mobile voting a reality thanks to blockchain

The blockchain technology is not only demonstrating its impact on business possibilities, and on the economic movement in general. Blockchain has benefits that allow...
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