Latest news about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies focused on the regulation and acceptance of the states.

The regulation of Bitcoin [BTC] and different cryptocurrencies is something that generates speculation, the new laws, decrees or sentences around virtual currencies are a current issue in governments. Their eagerness to regulate and control cryptocurrencies has led them to take action on this matter.

On Crypto-Economy we investigate and contrast the information offered to make a selection of the latest news concerning the bitcoin regulation, Altcoins or the ICOS.


LavkaLavka, BioCoin and the first legal ICO in Russia

In Russia LavkaLavka, an international eco-farming and retail network company, has launched a crowdsale of the integrated cryptography platform BioCoin in association with a...

LON first bank in the world to sell Bitcoin via ATMs

Slovenian firm Hranilnica LON will officially become the first regulated bank in the world to sell bitcoin directly from its existing ATMs. During a press...

Sovereign: Blockchain Democracy

Blockchain is much more than digital coins and transparent public audit in real time. It is technology that is slowly revolutionizing various areas of...
china icos

China bans ICOs

China has announced this week the ban on future initial currency offerings (ICO) in that country. According to local news agency Caixin, a working committee...

WannaCry funds in Bitcoin are being tracked

Unfortunately cybercrime advances at the same pace as technology. The attack through the WannaCry ransomware continues to leave sequels that are properly tracked. At...

Falcon Group partners with Bitcoin Suisse to facilitate the purchase of Bitcoin

Swiss private bank Falcon Group announced that it will be the first Swiss bank to offer blockchain asset management solutions to its customers. Through cooperation...

Delaware advances legislation on Blockchain

Legislations are taking timid steps still, but solid in terms of regulation of Blockchain technologies and digital coins is concerned. Such is the case...
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British agent accused of Bitcoin fraud in US

In recent days British businessman Renwick Haddow was accused of fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States for operating a...
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Project of Bill to declare Cryptocurrencies at the border of the United States

With increasing and justified concern for increasing terrorist activity and its methods of financing, four US senators have proposed legislation that would lead to...

Regulations may affect cybersecurity firms

Security in all kinds of digital transactions is a crucial point. Each advance has its own challenges, and achieving an adequate defense against cyber...