The Netherlands will test blockchain in the real estate industry

Netherlands to conduct tests with blockchain technology on the real estate industry

Last May 31, Dutch news media made public the disposition of the government to test blockchain-based technology for gathering national real estate data. Said...
Most Masternode Coins Are Considered Scams

Why Most Masternode Coins Are Considered Scams

Locking up some of your coins in order to be a validator didn’t start with proof of stake coins. Even before its advent, proof-of-work...
iota and AI

Young 19-year-old Viennese boy creates an App that combines AI with IOTA

Eric Steinberger, a 19-year-old born in Vienna has created an app that can make two machines communicate with each other. It is a robot...
CryptoCarz: the best virtual reality experience with race cars

CryptoCarz: the best immersive virtual reality experience with race cars

The concepts and implementations that the new proposals that integrate blockchain with virtual reality are going at the speed of light if we compare...
Web congress 2018 presentations criptomonedas and blockchain

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain arrive at the Web Congress 2018

The Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies continue on their way to become part of our day to day lives and the online communication sector does not...
The Chinese government presses to achieve results in blockchain development

Chinese government pressures to achieve results in blockchain development

Local financial authorities and government-funded research centers are being urged to hit the gas on blockchain R&D by the State Council of China, in...
tron mainnet launch

Tron (TRX) launches its MainNet Odyssey 2.0 successfully

After months of testing, Tron (TRX) has successfully launched its MainNet (v. Odyssey 2.0), on 31/05 as planned. The event could be followed through...
MEWKit: The Malware that empties the Ethereum wallets

MEWKit: The Malware that empties the Ethereum wallets

Online security is a subject that must be assumed with great attention and sense of priority by all, and even more so if the...
Vechain association group lingang

Vechain associates with the Lingang International Manufacturing Exhibition Trading Center

On May 25, the Blockchain & Industry Convergence Development Forum and the National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center Blockchain Research Lab were held in Shanghai, in...

Social network for crypto-inverters Hilo adopts Civic protocol for identification of its users

Security in terms of identification has been one of the development possibilities that blockchain platforms have been observing. Certainly concerns about the privacy of...

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