Jubiter Cryptocurrency Platform Announces New Appealing Promotion

Jubiter is a recently-launched cryptocurrency buy/exchange platform that entered the market earlier this year. After over a year of development, the service is now...

How do Online Bookies Deceive Users and is there any Way to Avoid it?

It’s no secret that online bookies and casinos monitor your every step, which is actually quite normal, given the fact that the level of...

How to be a crypto king on Jubiter

The cryptocurrency revolution provides the opportunity for the average investor to diversify his or her holdings with the click of a mouse. Because crypto...

Why Can’t I Buy A Coffee with Cryptocurrency? And When Will That Change?

Throughout cryptocurrency’s history, the debate about its usefulness has raged on and on. Even as the market has exploded, showering us with all kinds...

This Startup Aims to Restore People’s Confidence in Pensions through Blockchain

The pensions industry is facing a global crisis. In the US, state pension funds have a $1.4 trillion gap between its assets and liabilities....

The First Version of Blockchain-Based Ubcoin Marketplace Has Been Released

Ubank (https://www.ubank.ru/), the leading mobile payment app in Eastern Europe, introduced the first version of Ubcoin Market (https://ubcoin.io/en/product#universe) - a global peer-to-peer platform that...

Ubcoin Market To Open Offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea

Ubcoin blockchain Ebay-like ecosystem for selling and buying real goods with cryptocurrency is expanding its presence in the Asian market. By the end of 2018,...

How Ubcoin Market modulates content using artificial intelligence

Ubcoin is developing now its own AI-based system based on deep neural networks to automatically moderate millions of variable content ads without a human...
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