Latest news about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies focused on the regulation and acceptance of the states.

The regulation of Bitcoin [BTC] and different cryptocurrencies is something that generates speculation, the new laws, decrees or sentences around virtual currencies are a current issue in governments. Their eagerness to regulate and control cryptocurrencies has led them to take action on this matter.

On Crypto-Economy we investigate and contrast the information offered to make a selection of the latest news concerning the bitcoin regulation, Altcoins or the ICOS.

blockchain eeuu

US: national security and blockchain environment

The US House of Representatives' Terrorism and Illicit Finance Subcommittee has organized a recent hearing, which it called "Virtual Currency: Financial Innovation and National...
bitcoin cannabis

Unusual opportunities for Bitcoin: legalization of cannabis

It is true that in crisis environments opportunities open up. But what about an opportunity that arises in a non-critical environment precisely? As it...
europa blockchain technology

China and Europe go to the cutting edge in Blockchain development

More than a race, the adoption of new technologies is certainly due to their acceptance. Growth depends on this acceptance. But the United States...
Maduro El Petro

Petro coin to be backed up by 5 billion barrels of petroleum, said Maduro

Venezuela’s polemic president Nicolas Maduro, has announced this December 27 that an estimated of 5,000 million barrels of petroleum, belonging to that country’s hydrocarbons...
bitcoin-chinese regulation

China is moving towards Bitcoin regulation

The growing adoption of digital currencies in several countries has been pushing the big economies to do the same. Such is the case of...
china icos

China bans ICOs

China has announced this week the ban on future initial currency offerings (ICO) in that country. According to local news agency Caixin, a working committee...

Governments are pushing for Bitcoin to adapt to accounting standards

Bitcoin - the best known and most used of the digital coins - does not escape the intention of governmental scrutiny by several countries....
Cannabis Bitcoin

Influence of cryptocurrencies in the cannabis market

This year it did not look good for cannabis users in those places where the laws criminalizing the product are still archaic. The main...
congres eeuu blockchain

US Congress is pending to regulate Bitcoin

Although the administration of President Barak Obama is in its last days, there are certain last minute movements to leave some more legacies. So there...
conclusiones g20 criptomonedas

G20 conclusions on cryptocurrencies

As we announced a few days ago, the G20 summit, which this year has been held in Argentina, has met to discuss economic, political...