Latest news about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies focused on the regulation and acceptance of the states.

The regulation of Bitcoin [BTC] and different cryptocurrencies is something that generates speculation, the new laws, decrees or sentences around virtual currencies are a current issue in governments. Their eagerness to regulate and control cryptocurrencies has led them to take action on this matter.

On Crypto-Economy we investigate and contrast the information offered to make a selection of the latest news concerning the bitcoin regulation, Altcoins or the ICOS.

Bitcoin europa

Europe must become the Bitcoin continent

Within Europe, Malta has been one of the countries that have shown more interest in blockchain technology worldwide, and it seems that also includes...

WannaCry funds in Bitcoin are being tracked

Unfortunately cybercrime advances at the same pace as technology. The attack through the WannaCry ransomware continues to leave sequels that are properly tracked. At...

Falcon Group partners with Bitcoin Suisse to facilitate the purchase of Bitcoin

Swiss private bank Falcon Group announced that it will be the first Swiss bank to offer blockchain asset management solutions to its customers. Through cooperation...

Central Bank of China advances in tests with Bitcoin

China continues to apply controls on bitcoin activity, forcing the price of the digital currency to fall even further, trading below $ 890 at...

Uganda would be the first African country to regulate the use of bitcoin

In the world at large there is widespread concern about the possible impact of the Bitcoin...
egovernance ukranine

Ukraine and Bitfury begin eGovernance program with Blockchain

The State Agency for Electronic Government of Ukraine signed a memorandum with Bitfury, which could be the start of the largest and most ambitious...
bitcoin scam

British agent accused of Bitcoin fraud in US

In recent days British businessman Renwick Haddow was accused of fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States for operating a...

Regulations may affect cybersecurity firms

Security in all kinds of digital transactions is a crucial point. Each advance has its own challenges, and achieving an adequate defense against cyber...
In India bitcoin could be illegal

In India bitcoin could be illegal

India is one step away from becoming the next China. An intense controversy is ignited around the issue after a local newspaper indicated that...

The EU issues a bill on digital coins to combat “financial crime and terrorism”

Earlier this month in March, EU lawmakers published a new bill covering the use of digital currencies within the borders of the European Union....