Tokenbox Quarterly Report: the team expects to start the platform in Q2

After taking some time off air and making final touches after the TGE, the Tokenbox Team issued a detailed report and shared highlights of...

Blockchain Platform Simplifies the Mortgage Origination process, bringing Borrowers and Lenders closer to each...

Shelter is traditionally recognized as one of the basic essentials of life among food and clothing. As a matter of fact, shelter creates a...

Is Regulation Good for ICOs?

Since September 2017, the race to regulate blockchain startups has been in full mode. China was the first country to ban ICOs and South...

First Crypto ETF will distribute the earnings from a hard fork on the individual...

First Crypto ETF will distribute the earnings from hard fork coins back to the portfolio. For First Crypto ETF token holders, this means that...

STeX is a game changer

STeX cryptocurrency exchange has introduced a decentralized advanced crypto coin platform bringing liquidity and prices from all major exchanges in one place. Coin holders...
gifcoin una ico respaldada por la plataforma vitalbet

GIFcoin – An ICO backed by online betting house Vitalbet

What is GIFcoin? GIFcoin is an ICO backed by a real and fully functional project - online betting platform Vitalbet, which is constantly growing and...

Revain announces Dashboard’s next major version 0.6 as the platform hits 1000 reviews

Revain is launching version 0.6 of its platform, for the first time introducing an important new section of the Dashboard - Exchanges. Besides the...
the currency of trust

Privacy Is Better Than Anonymity in the DasCoin Ecosystem

The DasCoin Difference: KYC Comes First Cryptocurrency, and the blockchain technology it runs on, is unlike anything the global financial system has ever seen before....

ShareRing Brings More People to the Blockchain with a Dual-Coin System

At this point, you’ve probably noticed the explosion in blockchain startups pledging disruption to every conceivable industry and business model. It feels like every...

China’s largest price control application of Cryptocurrenies – Can MyToken restructure the cryptocurrency investment...

The Blockchain industry witnessed a boom in 2017. With its security, reliability, decentralization and tamper-proof features, the blockchain technology is seeing an increase in...

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