bitpay Sonny Singh

Bitpay Official Said Crypto Industry Needs A Catalyst to Redefine Course

Sonny Singh, the Bitpay Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) in an interview with Bloomberg said that the cryptocurrency space has reached a threshold at which...
bank russia ico blockchain

Russian Official Said ICO A Source of Liquidity While Peoples Bank Tests Blockchain

A senior bank official of Russia’s central bank announced that the bank has successfully conducted an initial coin offering. A report by a local...
drop in price bitcoin cryptocurrencies

The prices of Bitcoin and the rest of cryptocurrencies fall, market losses $ 39...

Investors and the crypto community in general got caught by surprise yesterday, when the charts witnessed a bloodbath in the crypto industry – Bitcoin...

Singularity-X promotes Bitcoin during Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Atlético Madrid matches

Cryptocurrencies are gradually entering into different sectors of our daily life. We have seen it during the first days of the Spanish football league,...
china blockchain

China offers incentives to local blockchain entrepreneurs

In China, the cryptographic activity is huge, in fact the highest hash rate average of most of the best-positioned cryptocurrencies in the market comes...
Bitcoin price

Bitcoin plummets to $ 6,090 as cryptomarket shed $ 10 bln

In just a matter of hours, Bitcoin (BTC) has fell below $ 6,100 levels, in what it looks like the continuity of the bearish...
Crypto exchange

ShapeShift acquires Bitfract to improve its services

Swiss cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift announced the acquisition of American startup Bitfract, in order to increase their offers and improve their services, by implementing a...
Bitcoin increases its price as the market recovers

Bitcoin increases its price as the market recovers

Bitcoin and altcoins showed signs of recovery on Monday after a weekend that prices dropped significantly. The coin added more than $500 trading at...
actualizacion precio bitcoin

Bitcoin Drifts Below $7,800 Amid Downward Market

Bitcoin has dropped below $7,800, a critical support level. The cryptocurrency is presently trading at $7,601 having lost 6.7 percent of its value as...
possible fall of bitcoin btc

Short-Term Drop For Bitcoin Price Expected

The price of Bitcoin has fallen to $8,150 from $8,300. The effect is that the coin market capitalization has dropped to $295 billion from...
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