LINE announces cryptocurrency exchange; to be launch in July

Japanese messaging giant LINE has announced its plans to launch a crypto-exchange in July, entering the blockchain industry to compete against the likes of...
exchanges regulation

South Korean Government Moves To Strengthen Cryptocurrency Exchanges

With multiple hacks that has stunned the country’s financial sector, the government of South Korea is working on a regulatory framework that will impose...
mercado de valores y bitcoin

What Does Bitcoin Selloffs mean for The Stock market?

Bitcoin is one third of its value from its historic high of almost $ 20,000 in December.  Many reasons have been given for the plunge,...
Russian banks will offer investments in cryptocurrencies

Two of the largest Russian banks will offer investments in cryptocurrencies

Sberbank and Alfa-Bank, two of the largest Russian banks, are working to offer investments in cryptocurrencies due to the high demand from private clients. As...
binance announces that they will accept fiat

Binance will accept Euros and other fiduciary currencies soon

Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, announced through a Bloomberg article that they will soon accept Euros and other fiduciary...
Where to invest your money

Where and how to invest your money?

Knowing how and where to invest your money is a task that can give us more than just a headache. We will never be...
Big investors are not worried about the falling prices of Bitcoin

Big Investors Are Not Worried About Bitcoin Price Drop

Most of the big investors in cryptocurrencies who have spoken recently do not seem to be concerned that the coin market capitalization has dropped....
Ethereum Futures

CME Launches Index for Ethereum Setting Off Speculations On Futures

CME this Monday, May 14, 2018 launched indexes for tracking Ethereum, the second most capitalized coin causing industry watchers to speculate that the futures...
Investors avoid ban

Pakistanis Find Alternatives to Cryptocurrency Exchanges After Ban

Pakistanis are not giving up on digital currencies, even with the ban placed on exchanges by the country’s central bank. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are finding...
Store Bitcoin

BitGo Moves to Store Bitcoin for Institutional Investors

BitGo, the California based startup is launching a new service, aimed at safe storage of bitcoins for institutional investors who may be thinking of...
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