Fundstrat predicts $ 36,000 for Bitcoin in 2019

Fundstrat Predicting $36,000 for Bitcoin in 2019

Fundstrat, one of the most referenced data analysts group in the cryptocurrency space have predicted that Bitcoin would be priced up to $36,000 based...
South Korea

The New Regulatory Chief for South Korea Likely Going to Lift Ban

For the past few months, there have been hints that South Korea would likely lift the ban on cryptocurrencies. Although the source of the...
Defiance of ban

Voice of China Criticizes Cryptocurrency Exchanges Defiance of Ban

Voice of China, a government backed media outlet has criticized the continual operation of exchanges despite the ban placed on their operations by the...

Is Cryptocurrency Manipulation Real?

There have been speculations that the coin market is manipulated, insider trading, pump and dump groups and individuals with esoteric knowledge are all issues...
Cryptocurrency Exchange

SBI Plans Cryptocurrency Exchange to Trade major Digital Currencies

The Japanese company, SBI Holdings has announced that it is set to launch an exchange that would trade the major cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin...
Ethereum could reach $ 2,500 this year

Ethereum could hit $ 2,500 late this year, says analyst

Second largest cryptocurrency by market cap could rise up to $2,500 per coin by year-end, setting a new All Time High in the process,...
Vpe bank the first German bank that trades with cryptocurrencies

VPE Bank expands its business to trade with cryptocurrencies

The VPE Bank based in Germany, has announced that it will be the first German bank that deals with cryptocurrencies, this service will be...
Bank of españa detects 20 icos that operate from other countries

Banco de España detects 20 Icos that operate in Spain from other countries

Javier Alonso, Deputy Governor of Banco de España (Bank of Spain), indicated in the closing of the workshop "The Fintech Revolution", that Banco de...
Nasdaq interested party in turning in exchange of crypto

Nasdaq is interested in becoming an exchange of cryptocurrencies

NASDAQ, the second largest electronic and automated stock exchange in the United States, is interested in becoming an exchange of cryptocurrencies in the future,...
Binance denies the exchange to the dollar

Binance debunked rumors of adding dollar trading to its platform

World’s largest crypto-exchange by traded value, Binance, denied several rumors running on cryptocurrency news sites and social media accounts, where the company will supposedly...

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