Cryptocurrency mining farm in Venezuela

9,000 miners to be installed in a mining farm to boost Venezuela’s economy

On April 12, during a press conference, the Governor of Zulia state Omar Prieto announced the implementation of 9,000 mining hardware in a digital...
Iranian government wants to ban Telegram

Iranian government officials want to ban Telegram cryptocurrency

The Iranian government is poised to ban the messaging app, Telegram. The company has earlier irked the government when the app played an important...

Venezuela seeks to purchase auto parts from Russia with its petro coin

The Venezuelan government has announced it is currently in talks with Russian authorities to make use of its state cryptocurrency, the Petro, in the...
Elisabeth Stark Lightning Labs CEO about bitcoin

Elizabeth Stark, CEO of Lightning Labs: we enter a “Bitcoin world”

Blockchain technology has advanced by big steps, so much so that for many it is unknown, and its contributions are just beginning to be...

George Soros would trade with cryptocurrencies

If the big capitals point to cryptocurrencies, it's for something. Everything indicates that George Soros is preparing to make important moves in the crypto...
hacienda pone cerco a bitcoin

Spanish treasury will make a more exhaustive control to Bitcoin

Last January it was communicated from the Treasury Department that they were going to control the cryptocurrencies by intensifying and reinforcing the analysis of...
Blockchain proof

Bank of England will test blockchain technology in its domestic payment system

UK’s central bank is getting ready to run a Proof of Concept (PoC) in hopes of understanding the potential of a revamped RTGS service...
cryptocurrencies and ico conference

Committee of the US Congress held a hearing on cryptocurrencies and ICOS

On March 14, 2018, the House Financial Services Committee held a hearing on cryptocurrencies and initial offers of currencies. The meeting, which was held at...
Petro airplane tickets

Venezuela will sell air tickets in Petro

The current situation of Venezuelan travel agencies is alarming due to the high cost that implies going out of this country. Besides, there are...
SBI holdings Coolbits

Japanese financial group SBI Holdings acquires 40% of Taiwanese startup Coolbitx

This week, the Japanese holding Strategic Business Innovator (SBI), has officially announced that it has acquired 40% of the Taiwanese startup of Coolbitx cryptocurrency...

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