The ICOS average investor gets 82% of profits according to a study

The average ICO´s investor gets 82% profit according to a study

A study conducted by the Boston College Carroll School of Management has shown that the average investor in initial coin offerings is raking in up...
Spain will tax transactions cryptocurrencies

Spain will tax transactions with cryptocurrencies

This week, the Taxation Office of Spain announced that from now on, any profit made from the transactions with cryptocurrencies must be declared by...
SBI Group in Japan launches its Crypto Exchange

SBI Group in Japan launches its Crypto Exchange

The growth of the crypto market is an unquestionable reality, despite the skepticals. Detracting a priori from something like blockchain technology and the possibilities...

ZhongAn: Online insurance and blockchain in China

The insurance industry is beginning to understand the importance that blockchain technology has due to its security and immutability features. In addition to blockchain...

Kuwait Finance House will adopt the Ripple blockchain

An important impetus for the adoption of blockchain in conventional banking is taking place in Kuwait. In that Arab nation, the Kuwait Finance House...

Czech Energy Giant Says It’ll Commence Acceptance of Payments in Bitcoin

Pražská Plynárenská, one of the largest energy suppliers in the Czech Republic, this week announced that it will start accepting Bitcoin payments. The company...
In Japan Bitbank announces Bitcoin loans

In Japan Bitbank announces Bitcoin loans

As we already know, Japan has been among the first countries to give legal status to cryptocurrencies as way of payment, so the dynamics...
Norway wants to push blockchain

Norway could develop a cryptocurrency to promote blockchain

This week, the central bank of Norway announced it is studying the possibility of issuing its own cryptocurrency, due to a low usage of...
Iran would need cryptocurrencies

Iran may need cryptocurrencies to overcome US pressures

The increasingly friendly attitude of the Iranian regime regarding cryptocurrencies is striking. Iran is emerging against all odds, as a nation friendly with cryptocurrencies....
Japanese bank Mitsubishi will create its own cryptocurrency

Mitsubishi, the Japanese Banking Giant Goes Crypto

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. has announced that it would be introducing a proprietary cryptocurrency next year. The bank, which is one of the...

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