The ICO team of Kik brings together the main supporters of its application.

Kik’s ICO Team Brings Together Core Supporters.

Successful ICOs use different approaches to build following for their offers. One of the keys to create a loyal community around a coin is...
yahoo japan acquires bitarg shares

Yahoo Japan to buy 40% stakes of crypto-exchange BitARG

As previously reported, on March, Japanese crypto-exchange BitARG debunked rumors about ownership stakes of this company being purchased by tech firm Yahoo! Japan, alleging...
Kraken stop operations in Japan

The Kraken Exchange stops giving service in Japan

Kraken, one of the most experienced exchanges in the cryptocurrency market, announced through its official blog that it will stop offering their services in...

OUNA: P2P blockchain ecosystem for recruitment and evaluation of personnel

Among the areas in which the blockchain projects are being highlighted, we can mention the financial area, development of scalability solutions, developments in artificial...
Facebook continues to show crypto ads

Cryptocurrency Ads Still Popping Up On Facebook Three Months After Ban.

The crypto community seemed to be up in arms against the Facebook ban on digital currencies, ICOs and binary options. Incidentally, it has been...
Coinbase there acquires Cipher the seeker of DApp Ethereum and Wallet

Coinbase buys Cipher Browser – the first search engine and wallet of Ethereum DApp

Coinbase, one of the largest buy /sell platforms of Bitcoin, has announced the acquisition of Cipher Browser, the first Web 3.0 search engine and...
Pornhub y otras webs de adultos aceptan verge como forma de pago

Pornhub and other adult content websites accept Verge

The adult content website PornHub has announced both on its website and social networks that it has officially partnered with Verge and will accept...
Bithumb will offer payment in social networks with cryptocurrencies

Bithumb to offer payment option with cryptocurrencies in social media

Second largest crypto-exchange in South Korea, Bithumb, has announced plans to launch a crypto-payment platform aimed towards social media. This project seeks to offer services...
Alibaba sued Alibabacoin

Alibaba sued the Alibabacoin Foundation after “cheating” the public through its brand

The Chinese e-commerce company, Alibaba, on Monday sued the Dubai-based owners of Alibabacoin for infringement of its trademark rights after the latter’s crowdsale. Alibabacoin...
HashCard a debit card solution for cryptocurrencies

HashCard: a debit card solution for cryptocurrencies

Although there have recently been problems with the issuance of debit cards for cryptocurrencies, the need to manage these digital assets for use as...

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