Proposed new Bitcoin pricing model

Proposed new Bitcoin pricing model

Recently, two economists from Imperial College Business School in London, Emiliano Pagnotta and Andrea Buraschi, have published a document based on the questions: What...
Aumentan las transacciones bolivar bitcoin

Bolivar to Bitcoin transactions recorded USD $ 1 million per day

Venezuelan Bolivar (VEF) to Bitcoin (BTC) market has reached a new record in its daily transaction volume, in what it looks like one of...
eurodiputados aprueban regulaciones para bitcoin y criptomonedas

The European Parliament approves regulations for cryptocurrencies

The European Parliament met last Thursday on April 19, to discuss the issues that affect the cryptocurrency market, especially in terms of the anonymity...

Monoreto: Social network and tokenized contents

Among the blockchain platforms whose projects are postulating their ICOs to the market, they are highlighting those related to social media solutions, such as...
A municipality in Louisiana wants to raise funds for Blockchain and Government.

A Louisiana Parish Wants to Raise Funds for Blockchain and Government Funding.

ICOs are not just exclusive preserve of companies and startups. These days, anyone who has ideas thinks of ways of using an initial coin...
The ICO team of Kik brings together the main supporters of its application.

Kik’s ICO Team Brings Together Core Supporters.

Successful ICOs use different approaches to build following for their offers. One of the keys to create a loyal community around a coin is...
Savedroid makes think that it is scam to give lesson to his investors

Savedroid makes believe that their ICO was a scam to give people a lesson

When investing in an ICO you have to study the project very well before investing in it. This is why the Savedroid team has...
yahoo japan acquires bitarg shares

Yahoo Japan to buy 40% stakes of crypto-exchange BitARG

As previously reported, on March, Japanese crypto-exchange BitARG debunked rumors about ownership stakes of this company being purchased by tech firm Yahoo! Japan, alleging...
Kraken stop operations in Japan

The Kraken Exchange stops giving service in Japan

Kraken, one of the most experienced exchanges in the cryptocurrency market, announced through its official blog that it will stop offering their services in...

OUNA: P2P blockchain ecosystem for recruitment and evaluation of personnel

Among the areas in which the blockchain projects are being highlighted, we can mention the financial area, development of scalability solutions, developments in artificial...

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