LordLess Intends To Join TRON Arcade

LordLess Intends To Join TRON Arcade

TRON Arcade is widely expanding the gaming industry, turning it into the fastest-growing sectors in technology. The platform recently made an announcement on their Twitter platform announcing that the Decentralized Application where gamers do tasks and earn tokens, LordLess intends to join TRON Arcade.

LordLess, is a decentralized bounty game that rewards users for building or completing specific bounties and engaging with the other users. The gaming DApp is currently among the top 10 and has active monthly users of over 5.462.

How the Game Works

The goal of the game is to earn as many rewards as possible. Gamers can achieve this by recruiting bounty hunters or sending them on quests and reaping the rewards. Gamers can also become bounty hunters and complete the quests to receive rewards.

The post however, did not mention the timeline of the launch of LordLess on TRON. The LordLess team consists of Eury Chen, who previously worked at Google and Tencent as and Joe who worked at Orimuse as a Mobile director.

LordLess on TRON

The TRON Community

TRON is committed to the decentralization of the internet using blockchain technology and DApps. Although TRON has competitors such as Ethereum and EOS, the platform is always set on amplifying the efforts the blockchain gaming space to create engaging user experiences that inspire new generation of players.

Some of the reasons why TRON stands incomparable to Ethereum and EOS include TRON’s scalability, speed, affordable cost, Smart Contract use cases. Ethereum is the most respected blockchain platform due to its reputation and status but gaming industry is not among its top projects.

The TRON industry on the other hand prioritizes the entertainment industry. The company also uses Solidity, the same software languages as ERC-20 use, therefore it is able to lure in participants in the blockchain gaming market.

TRON Arcade has a dedicated technology support team which is not available in industries such as EOS and Ethereum. In addition, the platform offers distribution, associations, consultancies and funds for new developments.