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$ 204.689.000
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$ 3.354.390.000
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Litecoin News

Litecoin Foundation partners with TokenPay to acquire participation of WEG Bank

Charlie Lee, the Litecoin founder announced on Twitter that the company will collaborate with Tokenpay in a new partnership that will among other things...

Crypto Facilities launches Litecoin futures contracts

One of the most successful financial speculative products in cryptography is that of futures contracts. It started with Bitcoin at the end of 2017...

Charlie Lee and the Litecoin Foundation apologized for the LitePay case

The creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee, and the Litecoin Foundation, have apologized for not being more diligent when suspicions over the abrupt closure of...

Release of Lightning Network Daemon Beta version

Lightning Labs announced this March 15, 2018 in its official blog, the release of “lnd 0.4-beta” (Lightning Network Daemon Beta version), this is the...

What is Petro?

Bitcoin was launched in the wake of an economic crisis, ostensibly as an alternative to the centralized economy we all know. Over the years...

Litecoin Cash: Controversy just hours from Litecoin’s hard fork

We are only hours away from the first "bifurcation" of Litecoin, which we all already know as Litecoin Cash. Expectations about this event have...

Litecoin Cash: the Litecoin’s hard fork

In the development of a cryptocurrency, a series of situations can occur according to their growth both in transactions and in acceptance in general....

Litecoin creator sells off his LTC due to some “conflict of...

Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin – the so-called silver bitcoin – has announced that he sold all of his holdings in this criptocoin,...

Litecoin pierces $ 300 barrier

Litecoin has had a positive development in its price this week, growing up to 236% since December 5. Now it hit a new All-Time...

Litecoin: Will it beat Bitcoin?

The month of June of 2017 could be remembered as the month in which the real flippening occurred, from bitcoin to litecoin, a rush... adopts Litecoin

The site, a project that makes the content creation market accessible, has announced the decision to adopt Litecoin as their main currency, a digital...
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