Learn about the main bitcoin wallets

bitcoin wallets

One of the doubts of the new bitcoiners and cryptocurrency investors of the world is the choice of their first wallet. Knowing the best bitcoin wallets is ideal to start learning everything about the market. The ideal thing to start with is having a wallet that not only allows us to send and receive money, but also keeps us updated of volatile market prices. In this article we present you some of the best recommended bitcoin purses to start in the world of cryptocurrency this 2017.


In June 2015, Timothy Lee launched the ArcBit market and boasted of being the first decentralized wallet in the market, being one of the few wallets available for the IOS operating system and also being among the first to work with stealth adresses.

This bitcoin wallet has a particularity and that is that we do not need to log in to perform operations on it. This offers the user greater privacy in relation to other purses. It also has an advanced mode specially dedicated to bitcoin market experts where they will have access to many interesting data that allow them to analyze their analyzes with greater precision.


Armony is possibly the wallet with the highest security measures in the market. The protection of our money is guaranteed with this software. It has an electronic keyboard that prevents us from being victims of keyloggers and the possibility of online transactions.

Armony has three modes of use that will depend on the levels of knowledge of the user and their needs. The first mode is the standard that is aimed at new users. Then there is the advanced mode that is designed for experts in the cryptocurrency market and finally the developer; modality designed for developers and users with advanced knowledge of blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Core

As the classic never goes out of fashion, we mention this purse. The Bitcoin Core is the first wallet created to store bitcoin. It is made in terms of basic functions, although if we are professionals or we know of blockchain we can get much out of it.

It is a good option to start saving ours. In addition, it was developed by Satoshi thinking about improving the blockchain network. This wallet allows downloading the entire block chain and fulfills the role of node within the system, which speeds up operations considerably.


One of the faster’s wallets in the world to receive and send money. While other purses will make us wait up to four hours to complete an operation, in BitGo we can do it in about an hour. In addition, security is taken very seriously because each transaction requires two signatures and the private keys are the user’s sole access so that nobody, not even Bitgo, knows them.

In terms of usage, BitGo is a good alternative for any user, from novices to expert professionals. It is currently available for Mac, Windows and Linux, although it is expected that in the future we can also see it in IOS and Android.

Bitcoin Knots

One of the purses that offers greater comfort to new users, thinking of instructing them to learn from the market little by little. In terms of privacy and security has nothing to envy the competition, although the most outstanding is the stability of the purse.

Currently it is available for Mac, Window and Linux. It has advanced features that theoretically exceed Bitcoin Core, but could be said to be in beta because they cannot be used with the desired prolixity. The main disadvantage is its weight, which makes it difficult in the future to see it in compact versions for Android or IOS.


Bither is a simple and very secure platform for beginner users in the bitcoin world. We have access to the benefits of multiscreen security. The wallet has an HDM system that perfectly emulates the HD of other platforms. Its main advantage is its weight compared to other wallets and the ease with which we can send and receive money without waiting for very long periods.

It is a platform in which we have total control over our money and good transparency. Currently it is available for all platforms.


Electrum is one of the most famous bitcoin purses in the world today and one of the best references. Its strong point is undoubtedly the simplicity of its interface and how fast it can be to make transactions. The use of Electrum resources is really low, which allows us to have it in all operating systems.

There is not much more to say about this wallet besides mentioning that it meets all the security and usage requirements that any user would want; authentication in two steps, maximum transparency, total control over our money and a very stable system.


GreenAdress is one of the classic Bitcoin purses. It is one of the best security measures, so the access codes are never in the hands of the server to prevent them from being discovered by malware that puts our money at risk. Its two-step authentication is also high level, forcing you to have the application on your mobile or in your browser.

A very versatile wallet that we can install on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, IOS and enter through the browser. As in most purses, control over money is total, although one disadvantage of this particular platform is that it is a remote application and its validation is centralized. However, this does not mean that it is a good alternative for novices and experts.


mSIGNA is a very powerful and advanced wallet, ideal for experts or people with knowledge of blockchain technology that offers good scalability at the corporate level and a very high level of security with multi-signature transactions. However, this does not make it complex to use. If you are a bitcoin world novice, you can acquire it without problems because its interface is intuitive so that anyone can navigate in it.