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$ 0,27

₿ 0,00007581
24 h
7 d
Vol 24h:
$ 8.178.110
Market Cap:
$ 762.447.000
Max Supply:

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IOTA to launch a mirror net and effectuate stress test

The smart city startup has been quite active lately and is now making some step concerning the structure amelioration and test of their network,...

IOTA and Crypto-Storage AG join forces to find institutional-grade storage solutions

Crypto storage AG, a firm which specializes in providing institutional-grade infrastructure for storage of cryptocurrencies, has joined hands with the IOTA foundation to introduce...

IOTA announces Winners of “The Perfect Brainstorm” Contest

IOTA has finally released the results of "The perfect brainstorm contest", which is one of the initiatives created by the blockchain in order to...

IOTA: MAM messaging protocol goes lite

A new alternative messaging protocol has been launched for the IOTA platform to achieve new levels of flexibility and optimization that will enable to...

IOTA [MIOTA] Foundation expands its work team

In the search for dedicated and talented people, the IOTA Foundation continues to add valuable human assets to its staff. Over the course of the...

IOTA will be integrated into Ledger Nano S

Earlier last month, it was reported that the IOTA Foundation would be involved in a new collaboration with Ledger, in which the IOTA token...

IOTA Dips to Year Low As Founders Bickering on Slack Leaks

Misunderstanding among founders is nothing new even though the consequences are usually nasty for the project as seen with Tezos. A leaked Slack chat...

IOTA Foundation and SinoPac announce their partnership

The IOTA Foundation has announced through its official blog on Medium the partnership with SinoPac, which will collaborate in the investigation of digital innovations...

Young 19-year-old Viennese boy creates an App that combines AI with...

Eric Steinberger, a 19-year-old born in Vienna has created an app that can make two machines communicate with each other. It is a robot...

Malicious seed generators used to steal funds from IOTA wallets

Hackers are wreaking havoc on cryptousers again, tricking them with a bit of social engineering and some ill-disposed tools disguised as useful, harmless software...

What is IOTA?

In the middle of the fluctuations that Bitcoin has experienced with its price and how this has affected several Altcoins, this time we will...

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