Civil: free, impartial and independent press powered by blockchain

Civil: free, impartial and independent press powered by blockchain

Blockchain can be applied to practically all kinds of activities allowing to rearrange many things, for example, contribute to the development of a free,...
neluns the new generation blockchain bank

Neluns: a financial ecosystem powered by blockchain

One of the activities that is most benefiting from the application of blockchain solutions is banking and financial activity in general. Important platforms are...
ico de cajeros de criptomonedas trilliant

Trilliant: cryptocurrency ATM business to everyone

The widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies as instruments of exchange of value between peers is a need that the cryptographic universe has been gradually surpassing....
icobox tips for icos

Expert advice from IBRC for platforms after ICO

One report by Bloomberg says that 60 percent of all ICOs were run by companies that ceased to exist just 3 months after concluding...
moviecoin the ico for cinema and entertainment

MovieCoin: blockchain for the film and entertainment industry

If we will understand something with the rise of ICOs, it is the excellent opportunity to live a technological, economic and global revolution that...
ico shinil gold coin

Shinil Group – A treasure hunt company from South Korea launches an ICO

A South Korean treasure hunting company Shinil Group has announced that it has discovered a sunken ship laden with bullion worth $130 billion in...

WatermelonBlock: Investment analysis using artificial intelligence powered by blockchain

With the quantitative growth of the cryptocurrency universe, each time there are more blockchain projects that come to light offering their own token ICOs,...
tachain mix transportation with advertising

Tachain, a Blockchain ecosystem that combines transport services and advertising

The services of transport and advertising do not have much in common at the moment, but this is something that will change thanks to...
vertex la nueva ico de inversores para inversores

Vertex: looking for the best information aviliable about ICOs

One of the most relevant technological and financial phenomena of recent years, is undoubtedly the ICOs. It has not only been a way of...
Clash & GO: realidad aumentada y blockchain en una experiencia de juego única

Clash & GO: Augmented Reality and blockchain in a unique gaming experience

Clash & GO is a blockchain platform of augmented reality applied to a game scheme that takes the player's experience to another level, thereby...
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[ICO] DeNet
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