Blockshipping and its Global Shared Container Platform

One of the sectors that will benefit the most in the short term thanks to the benefits of the Blockchain technology is that of...
I send another Ico that goes wrong

Envion, another ICO in crisis

When the Envion team announced their project in January, there was a consensus among crypto enthusiasts that the company was destined for great things....
Countinghouse: investment fund that grows with blockchain

Countinghouse: investment fund that grows with blockchain

The sector of financial services, trading and related has been one of the most favored by the implementations of blockchain technology translated into innovative...

An ICO Plans to Change How We Rent Cars

TrustedCars, a company based in Germany wants to use cryptocurrency based app to run a car rental service that incorporates car owners, vacationers and...

Reprieve May Be On the Way for Tezos Investors As Community Moves to Stop...

Tezos, the startup that was conceived to be a smart contract platform that has what it takes beat Ethereum has been mired in controversies...
Tip Blockchain: Facilitating the use of cryptocurrencies via P2P

Tip Blockchain: facilitating the use of cryptocurrencies via P2P networks

The growth of blockchain platforms whose solutions seek to facilitate the use and disposition of cryptocurrencies, is a necessity for the cryptoeconomy strengthen. By...
Sec obtains bill of complaint against titanium ico

The SEC obtains a court order to stop the Titanium ICO

The SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) has issued a statement in which it has reported the obtention of a court order to stop...
tutellus la plataforma colaborativa de conocimiento

Tutellus, learn and teach while you get rewards

Tutellus, the leading knowledge collaborative platform in the Hispanic community, wants to take a step towards the education of the future by creating an...

PinkDate: Escorts in Blockchain

A sensitive but very active and current issue is that of discretion and privacy in terms of online escort services. It is not a...
AITrading: Everything for the management of your wealth

AITrading: Everything for the management of your wealth

The development of artificial intelligence platforms with blockchain technology is one of the best we have been observing recently in the field. We have...

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