bitcoin futures nasdaq

Bitcoin [BTC] futures now in Nasdaq

After a year in which bitcoin prices have left many analysts who suffered from excessive optimism, and having been a year of judicial precedents...
satoshi nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto “appeared”. Really exist?

Recently there has been a stir in social networks about the figure of Satoshi Nakamoto, whom everyone in the world of crypto economics knows...
ethereum constantinopla

Ethereum [ETH] – Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork to Come in Mid-January 2019

The Constantinople Ethereum code upgrade, the long-awaited hard fork that was earlier scheduled for release in late October but got pushed forward due...

MasterCard Files Patent Outlining a Way To Anonymize Crypto Transactions

There is a myth amongst outsiders to the cryptocurrency community that the blockchain is an anonymous technology that nefarious users prefer due to the...

CargoX: blockchain for international logistics

For some time now, this part of the international logistics industry has been testing solutions based on blockchain platforms. CargoX is one of the...

Lightning Network and OpenNode, its Bitcoin [BTC] payment processor

One of the most significant qualitative contributions received by Bitcoin in terms of improvements, without a doubt comes from Lightning Network. With the creation...

Bitcoin [BTC] – Korean Crypto Exchange Bithumb May Have [Temporarily] Propped up Bitcoin Price

The Bitcoin price yesterday hit new yearly lows amidst a protracted cryptocurrency bear market. Over the past month, the leading cryptocurrency has lost...
binance phishing

The Most Common Phishing Tactics to Help You Keep Your Digital Coins Secure

A tweet from Binance was posted to advice users to ‘be vigilant and lean about common phishing tactics to help keep their coins secure.’...
ethereum eth gdax coinbase

Ethereum [ETH] – Ethereum Flash Crashes to $13 on Coinbase’s GDAX

Earlier today, the price of Ethereum , the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap fell momentarily to $13 on the GDAX cryptocurrency exchange. GDAX...
Monero cake wallet

A New Update for Monero XMR.TO –Cake Wallet Version 3.1.4

XMR.TO is a platform on Monero that allows users to make Bitcoin payments while protecting their transaction at the same time. Due to...
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