Kuwait Finance House will adopt the Ripple blockchain

An important impetus for the adoption of blockchain in conventional banking is taking place in Kuwait. In that Arab nation, the Kuwait Finance House...
Ashton Kutcher donated USD $ 4 million in Ripple to Ellen

Ashton Kutcher donated USD $ 4 million in Ripple to Ellen DeGeneres Fund

American renowned actor Ashton Kutcher surprised, last Friday, to TV show host Ellen DeGeneres with an astounding donation to her fund, but using cryptocurrencies...
Ripple will possibly be sued by several investors

Ripple May Be Gearing Up for Class Action Lawsuit

The statement a couple of weeks ago by Gary Gesler, the former chairman of Commodities and Futures Exchange Commission seems to have motivated a...
According to former president of CFTC Ethereum and Ripple are values.

According to former president of CFTC Ethereum and Ripple are values.

The former US Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chairman, Gary Gensler expressed his views on the contentious cryptocurrency classification last week by saying that Ethereum...
First ICO based on Ripple

Ripple based ICO Coming Up Soon

Few people are aware that Ripple has provision for smart contract. It seems despite the fact that the foundation has not made a habit...
Invest in blockchain capital

Ripple invests $25 million in XRP in Blockchain Capital

As reported from its own website, Ripple has made an investment of $25 million in Ripple (XRP) in Blockchain Capital, a pioneer venture capital...
banco santander lanza app con ripple para pagos internacionales

Ripple and Santander Bank UK will launch an International Payment App

Santander UK, has announced that they are planning to launch an international payment application in which they have been working since 2016 together with...

R3 wins an assault on the lawsuit against Ripple

It has been 7 months since September of 2017 Startup R3 Holdco LLC imposed a complaint against Ripple Labs Inc. in New York, where...
Bitcoin Naspster of criptocurrencies

Ripple CEO compares Bitcoin with Napster

On March 12, 2018, Brad Garlinghouse (CEO of Ripple), spoke about the future of Ripple and other cryptocurrencies in "Bloomberg Daybreak Asia." According to Brad,...
ripple coin

Ripple’s ripple keep expanding by achieving a milestone

Ripple has reached a historic milestone this January 3, when its market cap not only attained a value of $ 100 billion, but also...

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