Since 2011, thanks to Bitcoin’s open-source standard, new cryptocurrencies have emerged that use blockchain technology as an alternative to Bitcoin, complementing its ecosystem with new algorithms and functionalities. Today there are many exchanges where these cryptocurrencies have been established as a new market for investment of financial assets that grows in volume and complexity every day. Discover in our section the latest news related to the so-called altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies).


Cryptocurrency Review Shows Positive Outlook for 2018.

Government and institutional funds flow to ctyptocurrencies flow through Bitcoin. This is not just because it is the premier coin, it also is the...
Oil Barrels cryptocurrency

What is Petro?

Bitcoin was launched in the wake of an economic crisis, ostensibly as an alternative to the centralized economy we all know. Over the years...
Bitcoin transacction fees

Lower Bitcoin transaction fees, possible reasons

Bitcoin has continued to show unpredictability as transaction fees fell to record low by February, the lowest it has been for more than a...
United Kingdom regulation coins

United Kingdom would regulate the use of cryptocurrencies

Considering digital currencies as digital assets, the regulatory authorities of the United Kingdom study the impact of these on the economy of their country,...
Venezuela Petro initial coins

The Petro gets more than 735 million dollars according to the Government of Venezuela

Venezuela, which is going through serious problems in its economy, announced that it has raised 735 million dollars with the pre-sale of the crypto...

Government of Iran on track towards its national cryptocurrency

It seems that the viability of the creation of a "national" cryptocurrency is being the banner of countries that for various reasons are in...

Blockchain in agriculture: Agrocoin and habanero chile

With a franchise business model, Amar Hidroponia and its own cryptocurrency Agrocoin is a case of successful blockchain entrepreneurship and about which we will...
Tokenising himself

Boris Akimov is the first entrepreneur tokenising himself on the Waves Platform

Boris Akimov, a farmer and the founder of organic food startup LavkaLavka supported by its own blockchain token, will use the Waves Platform to...
Patentes Bitcoin

Bank of America is leading in cryptocurrency patents

We can never talk about the origin of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin without talking about the pioneers whose work made the innovation a possibility....
rich whales Bitcoin

Great whales benefit from Bitcoin fluctuations

Last year was peculiar for Bitcoin as its price fluctuated and rose to nearly $ 20,000 in an unprecedented bull run that made the...

ICO Countdown

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[ICO] DeNet
Ends: 30/11/2018
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[ICO] Peer Mountain
Ends: 31/12/2018
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Tachain cryptodivisas icos
[ICO] Tachain
Ends: 31/12/2018
Tachain cryptodivisas icos
ONe Network cryptodivisas icos
Starts: 27/11/2018
ONe Network cryptodivisas icos
Storiqa cryptodivisas icos
Starts: 28/11/2018
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Starts: 29/11/2018
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