Since 2011, thanks to Bitcoin’s open-source standard, new cryptocurrencies have emerged that use blockchain technology as an alternative to Bitcoin, complementing its ecosystem with new algorithms and functionalities. Today there are many exchanges where these cryptocurrencies have been established as a new market for investment of financial assets that grows in volume and complexity every day. Discover in our section the latest news related to the so-called altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies).


Snovio: crowdsourcing in data collection and its ICO

The market for databases, whether of e-mail, contacts, company profiles and related is a niche of incalculable qualitative value for various corporate sectors. With...
finlands bank

Bank of Finland Report: Bitcoin is a revolutionary currency system

Certainly the understanding of the scope of bitcoin as a monetary solution is growing. More and more government institutions are showing this. This is...

BitJob: job opportunities for students with blockchain endorsement

The development platforms for new projects based on blockchain technology that we are getting to know these days show us the unstoppable growth of...

Rockchain: Cloud Services and their Crowdsale

For these times the boom in initial currency offerings - ICO - in blockchain projects is not coincidental; the funding trend for new projects...

SmartOne: to Legal-Tech

It is very common that when dealing with legal documents we face various problems such as notaries, seals, or worse, even falsifications and endless...

DomRider: Blockchain based real time auctions

The operational ecosystems in which blockchain technology is breaking out are increasingly diverse. Providing its qualities, this technology allows the most diverse applications. In...

Auctus: transparent pension funds with Blockchain technology

The scope of blockchain technology is still in a major acceptance boom. In this regard, we will talk about the Auctus Project, which was...

UTRUST: the new payment processor that accepts the main crypotcurrencies

The adoption of blockchain technology also touches the payment processors. The Utrust Platform is a payment processor solution that allows merchants to accept multiple...

BETSTREAK: Casino with blockchain security

Online casinos also take the next step in adopting blockchain technology. Such is the case of Betstreak, an online casino brought by a team...

EventChain: Decentralized SmartTicketing

Blockchain technology is being applied to almost every area of ​​everyday life and business with increasing acceptance. This is the case of EventChain  and...
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