Monero faces multiple vulnerabilities

Monero faces multiple vulnerabilities

A bounty hunter has announced that he discovered vulnerabilities that would allow hackers steal funds from exchanges. Jason Rhineland classified the risk as 9...
drupal y cryptojacking

More incidents of Monero furtive mining: The Drupal virus

During 2017 and part of this year, the incidents of cryptojacking have caused numerous problems and a large number of complaints and criticisms towards...
Monero team is also working hard at implementation of the Bulletproof

Monero´s Bulletproof protocol finishes its audit successfully

The long anticipated results of the Monero cryptocurrency Bulletproof protocol audit are finally out as Monero broke the silence by announcing that the auditing...
The Pirate Bay takes advantage of the CPU power of its users

The Pirate Bay takes advantage of the CPU power of its users

One of the tendencies of attack to our computers is called cryptohacking. The extraction of power from our CPUs without our consent for a...
Vulnerability on Linux causes mining Monero

They take advantage of a vulnerability in Linux to mine Monero

An old vulnerability called "CVE-2013-2618" that allowed to infect computers with a script has been recently used again in Linux servers that were still...

Monero’s Hardfork and the new MoneroV cryptocurrency

The Hardfork of Monero (XMR) that was originally scheduled for March 28 in block #1539500, has changed its date for April 6. According to...
What is Monero

What is Monero?

Monero is a completely anonymous and private cryptocurrency that allows payments to be made internationally. It has its origin in 2014, the year in...
monero miner

The furtive mining of Monero in the navigators is still around

It is already known the propagation of certain malware that is installed in the Chrome browser and executes a Monero miner in the computers...
monero coinhive

Coinhive, Monero’s browser mining script

Mining methods are experiencing possibilities that make crypto mining somewhat more practical than previously thought. "Monetize your business with the CPU power of your...

Stamp Monero: the adoption marketing of Monero

In this opportunity we will talk about Stamp Monero a marketing initiative that has advanced the community of Monero to encourage a broader adoption...
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