Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News

Since its launch in early 2009, Bitcoin has established itself as the first decentralized p2p monetary system, opening a door to new ways of understanding the economy, outside the control of the big central banks that monopolize money and its issue. Today Bitcoin is news, among many other reasons, for being the strongest cryptocurrency ecosystem, the currency with the highest value in the world, the most accepted or the one with the largest market capitalization. In this section we offer the latest news related to Bitcoin and its technology that is changing the world.

Bitcoin towards $ 30,000 or $ 1,000

Will Bitcoin Value Go Up to $30,000 or Down to $1,000?

Cryptocurrency experts have been deliberating on the likely trend of Bitcoin in the coming months. The predictions can only go two ways – upwards...
sharia accepts bitcoin according to blossom finance

Bitcoin complies with Shariah according to Blossom Finance

For Muslims who represent almost 1/4 of the world population, knowing if Bitcoin complies with Shariah Law or not is something of great importance....
Bitcoin Bubble

Bitcoin continues to disappoint its prophets of disaster

The annoying noises of ex officio opponents seek to continue muddying the inevitable reality that cryptoeconomics represents as an irreversible phenomenon in full development....
Bitcoin Deathcross future

Technical Analysts Predicted Bitcoin was Heading Towards Death Cross.

People who have experience in technical analysis have a lot of terms with which they describe different price movements and milestones. Technical analysis is...
Lightning network Bitcoin

Lightning Network in your pocket: Eclair wallet available for mobiles

A developer of the Lightning Network (LN) has released a crypto-wallet for mobile devices, thus enabling Bitcoin users to access the second layer payment...
Bitcoin Cash better adoption

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash: Bitcoin Scaling and How it has Fared.

One of the challenges faced by the pioneer Bitcoin in recent times is scalability. Different approaches and solutions have been suggested and implemented to...
Edward Snowden thinks that Bitcoin should not be a public book

Edward Snowden: The Main Flaw Bitcoin Has is Privacy, Not Scalability.

Edward Snowden has faulted Bitcoin for being a public ledger, saying that the main challenge with the cryptocurrency is the inability to conceal user...
Experts award $ 30,000 for bitcoin in 2018

Experts Predict Bitcoin Could Hit $30,000 By End of 2018.

There have been wild speculations around Bitcoin. This may not be unconnected with the dramatic rise in the cryptocurrency's value last year in which...
coinbase commerce

Reddit stopped accepting Bitcoins due to Coinbase Commerce upgrade

Users of the popular social platform Reddit reported they were no longer able to pay in Bitcoin for its premium membership program, Reddit Gold. The...
Germany accepts Bitcoin as a payment metod

Bitcoin will be accepted as a currency for payments in the German tourism sector

At a time when Europe is preparing for the entry into force of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which will affect many companies...

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