Bitcoin Cash Challenges Ethereum with Smart Contract Software

Bitcoin Cash Challenges Ethereum with Smart Contract Software

Ethereum’s ERC20 has been the dominant platform for ICO launch since and was responsible for the popularity of the blockchain crowdsale. There has been...

Coingeek Conference Showcases Bitcoin Cash Innovations

The inaugural Coingeek Conference was held last Friday, May 18 in Hong Kong. The conference which featured many prominent supporters of Bitcoin Cash had...
Next hard fork of bitcoin cash on May 15

Bitcoin Cash – Hard Fork 15 of May

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the first Bitcoin hard-fork happened on August 1, 2017 and is currently in the fourth position of the most capitalized currencies,...
On-chain social media uncensored

On-Chain Social Media, Memo Getting More Popular Among Opponents of Censorship

A couple of weeks ago, the on-chain social media app, Memo was launched. The purpose is to fight censorship with blockchain technology. The app...
Bitpay supports payments with Bitcoin Cash

Bitpay Now Supports Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash is gaining popularity among users and payment processors. The latest support is coming from Bitpay which has commenced processing BCH on its...
trezor dara soporte a bitcoin cash cashaddr

Trezor announces that it will soon support CashAddr for Bitcoin Cash

Trezor, one of the most used cold wallets by cryptocurrency users, has announced that it will soon support the CashAddr addresses of Bitcoin Cash....
Bitcoin Cash better adoption

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash: Bitcoin Scaling and How it has Fared.

One of the challenges faced by the pioneer Bitcoin in recent times is scalability. Different approaches and solutions have been suggested and implemented to...
Joy Stream comenzará a usar Bitcoin cash

Joystream starts operating with Bitcoin cash

The Bittorrent client JoyStream announced today, March 19, that it will launch the Bitcoin Cash MainNet. JoyStream implements a version of the Bittorrent protocol...

Bitcoin Cash grows in transaction volume and reaches Bitcoin

The behavior of the cryptocurrencies has a volatility factor that does not exist in the fiduciary money, and is perhaps the main Achilles heel...
Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash soars above $1600

Bitcoin Cash is gaining some altitude right now, for its price has gone upwards, recording a BCH/USD exchange rate of $ 1500 per coin. The...
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