Since 2011, thanks to Bitcoin's open-source standard, new cryptocurrencies have emerged that use blockchain technology as an alternative to Bitcoin, complementing its ecosystem with new algorithms and functionalities. Today there are many exchanges where these cryptocurrencies have been established as a new market for investment of financial assets that grows in volume and complexity every day. Discover in our section the latest news related to the so-called altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies).

eurodiputados aprueban regulaciones para bitcoin y criptomonedas

The European Parliament approves regulations for cryptocurrencies

The European Parliament met last Thursday on April 19, to discuss the issues that affect the cryptocurrency market, especially in terms of the anonymity...
The ICO team of Kik brings together the main supporters of its application.

Kik’s ICO Team Brings Together Core Supporters.

Successful ICOs use different approaches to build following for their offers. One of the keys to create a loyal community around a coin is...
Corporate investors could invest in cryptocurrencies in 2018

2018 could be the year in which corporate investors bought cryptocurrencies

Pension and endowment funds managers operate in a risk averse industry. The volatile cryptocurrency market ordinarily would hold no attraction to them, but as...
Facebook continues to show crypto ads

Cryptocurrency Ads Still Popping Up On Facebook Three Months After Ban.

The crypto community seemed to be up in arms against the Facebook ban on digital currencies, ICOs and binary options. Incidentally, it has been...
Cryptocurrency mining farm in Venezuela

9,000 miners to be installed in a mining farm to boost Venezuela’s economy

On April 12, during a press conference, the Governor of Zulia state Omar Prieto announced the implementation of 9,000 mining hardware in a digital...
Pornhub y otras webs de adultos aceptan verge como forma de pago

Pornhub and other adult content websites accept Verge

The adult content website PornHub has announced both on its website and social networks that it has officially partnered with Verge and will accept...
Bitcoin towards $ 30,000 or $ 1,000

Will Bitcoin Value Go Up to $30,000 or Down to $1,000?

Cryptocurrency experts have been deliberating on the likely trend of Bitcoin in the coming months. The predictions can only go two ways – upwards...
First ICO based on Ripple

Ripple based ICO Coming Up Soon

Few people are aware that Ripple has provision for smart contract. It seems despite the fact that the foundation has not made a habit...
Spanish forces arrest criminals for money laundering with cryptocurrencies

Law enforcement agencies dismantled criminal network that laundered money with cryptocurrencies

A Spain-based criminal ring that used cryptocurrencies and credit cards to launder drug money has been busted by the efforts of several global law...
sharia accepts bitcoin according to blossom finance

Bitcoin complies with Shariah according to Blossom Finance

For Muslims who represent almost 1/4 of the world population, knowing if Bitcoin complies with Shariah Law or not is something of great importance....

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BitRewards cryptodivisas icos
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[ICO] ConcertVR
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[ICO] CryptoFlix
Starts: 15/05/2018
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