Brickcoin: a real estate-backed digital currency


BrickCoin, promoted as the world’s first blockchain financial platform fully backed by the stability of real estate investment funds (REIT), unveiled its vision of a “real estate-backed” global digital currency. BrickCoin seeks to introduce a new normalcy for consumer savings and financial stability that protects an individual’s true wealth from the inflationary impact of fiat currencies.

BrickCoin uses blockchain technology to drive this new generation of financial solutions that seek to ensure financial inclusion for all. Those who do not have a bank account make up more than a third of the world’s population.

BrickCoin uses blockchain as its underlying technology to facilitate the next generation of financial solutions aimed at ensuring financial inclusion for all. Unbanked people as a demographic group are mainly concentrated in the emerging markets of Asia, Latin America and Africa, where inflation levels are extremely volatile, and the value of fiduciary money is unable to keep pace with inflation, resulting in A monetary value.

The idea behind BrickCoin is to offer a better, safer and easier way for ordinary people to save and protect their money from inflation.

Its vision is to create asset-based cryptography, which replaces the vulnerabilities of the current fiat currency system, combining the security of a real estate investment with the liquidity and performance of a cryptoconversion. These REIT-backed currencies will enable anyone to convert their fiduciary currency into a more stable and protected digital currency that not only increases in value, but helps more people to increase their usable savings, leading to stronger global economies.

For a large percentage of people around the world, the BrickCoin platform will represent your only chance to invest in real estate. By purchasing a BrickCoin, chipholders will have the ability to build a steady revenue stream that grows at a guaranteed rate higher than their country’s current inflation rate, giving the person a safe place to store and increase their wealth.


As an example, in Venezuela, inflation is expected to reach a rate of 2,500 percent by 2018. The currency, the bolivar, is so devalued that many people carry it in bags instead of wallets. The government has stated that the currency is virtually useless. Unlike state currencies, the value of BrickCoin can not simply be declared worthless or printed. While BrickCoin’s opportunity to fully assist Venezuela may have passed, it does demonstrate how the real-world economy can benefit from the cryptographic economy, and prevent or at least limit the adverse effects of future mismanagement and totalitarian government control.

BrickCoin has already been running for four years with a longer-term plan for the next decade. We will be attentive to its evolution.

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