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Bitcoin deemed as more stable than Turkish Lira

Since September 2017, Turkey’s local currency – the Lira – has been frequently performing on red numbers, due to an unsustainable crisis that has...

Jeff DeGraaf: “Bitcoin may be permanently impaired”

Jeff DeGraaf is the head of technical research at the Renaissance Macro Research and has built a reputation spanning two decades on his trading...

Bitcoin plummets to $ 6,090 as cryptomarket shed $ 10 bln

In just a matter of hours, Bitcoin (BTC) has fell below $ 6,100 levels, in what it looks like the continuity of the bearish...

SEC Postpones the decision for the Bitcoin ETF

The US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has postponed its decision on whether to allow the Vaneck Solidx Bitcoin ETF to 31st September, 2018. The...

Satoshi’s men face the crypto community

Despite the fact that the strength of the Bitcoin concept is its drive towards the decentralization of monetary control, early adopters still wield great...

What will Bitcoin Be Worth in 2 Years? One Analysis Predicts...

Bitcoin may well be the most inscrutable of all assets due to the fact that there has been no certain formula for predicting the...

Goldman Sachs Analysts Think Bitcoin Value On Downward Trend

Goldman Sachs announced the establishment of a Bitcoin trading desk recently. This has not debarred the company from releasing some bleak predictions about the...

Bitcoin leaps back to $ 7,000 region despite wave of good...

After two weeks of generally positive performance in the charts, Bitcoin (BTC) – world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap – began to roll down...

Billionaire Investor Thinks Bitcoin is King, Most Altcoins Worthless

The notion that Bitcoin would continue to dominate the coin market is one that a few people contest. One Bitcoin enthusiasts has reiterated his...

Bitcoin Continues to Rally As Coin Hits $8400

Bitcoin has continued to rally on Tuesday, gaining 20 percent in just one week. The coin is currently selling at $8,200 which is much...

Arthur Hayes Who Predicted Bitcoin Will Hit $50,000 This Year Said...

The coin market has been experiencing an upturn in the past several days in a trend many think is the beginning of a breakout...

Mike Novogratz Believes Crypto Mass Adoption is 5 Years Away

Mike Novogratz, the former Wall Street executive said that widespread adoption of digital currencies is still half a decade away, according to reports on...

Schnorr, the biggest Bitcoin update since SegWit

Bitcoin upgrades are a big deal. In fact, with the scaling challenges of the world’s most valuable coin, Schnorr which plans to improve the...

Bitcoin, the US 2016 presidential elections, and conspirancy

There is a not easy controversy ignited around serious accusations of electronic espionage and manipulation of situations related to the US presidential elections of...

Zhao, Binance Founder Thinks Bitcoin Is Still in Good Standing

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance thinks that Bitcoin is in good standing. His optimism despite loss of 70 percent value is based on...

Institutional Custodianship Poised to Open Doors for More Bitcoin Investment

Many concerns have been raised on the risks associated with Bitcoin storage. This is one of the reasons some institutional investors may be thinking...
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