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In this section we publish the weekly technical analysis of the prices of the main cryptocurrencies that our specialists elaborate based on the evolution of the markets.

Ethereum ETH charts

Ethereum Price Analysis: Dropping Rewards Boosting ETH Prices, Up 15%

Latest Ethereum News Is this a mini-ice age expected to be the norm after Constantinople and immediate implementation of EIP 1234 where the number...
precios de xrp ripple

Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Slide to Third, Bulls Aim At 60 Cents

Latest Ripple News On one hand, Ripple is working hard towards creating this secure, cheap and efficient cross-border payment system that brings together banks...
Bitcoin BTC

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Range Bound and “Hanging on”

Latest Bitcoin News Of the $190 million that investors stand to lose, $88.9 million was dominated in Bitcoin . And it was not a...
initial coin offerings are hosted on the Ethereum platform

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Risk Collapsing, Breaks Below Jan 2019 Lows

Latest Ethereum News In a public blockchain as Ethereum, challenges are inevitable and even if consensus may not be struck from time to time,...
ripple xRP price analysis

Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Bull Injection From Binance Support of Fiat Purchases

Latest Ripple News Interesting stuff ahead as far as cryptocurrency trading and investment is concerned. We must admit that Binance is making huge strides...
Bitcoin btc analysis

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Headwinds, Bulls Struggling along Main Support

Latest Bitcoin News Boston-based mutual fund, Fidelity Investment has a history of meeting customer demands. Perhaps that is the reason why the fund is...
Ethereum ETH price analysis

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH up 2.1%, Early Stages for $250 in Progress

Latest Ethereum News Elementus, a blockchain company that says is “is building the future of data interoperability on the blockchain” and has the “Enterprise-grade...
XRP Ripple precio

Ripple Price Analysis: XRP at a Precipice, 30 Cents Last Frontier

Latest Ripple News Thing is, Ripple—the company-- has never shied from away from letting the world know of their ambitions. Their vision-mission statement states...
bitcoin análisis de precios

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Steady Despite CBoE ETF Withdrawal

Latest Bitcoin News For a while now, the Bitcoin and the crypto community is saturated with talk of institutional involvement and for good reasons....
ethereum eth price

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Short-Term Bull Triggers at $135

Latest Ethereum News Undoubtedly, we are neck-deep in a bear cycle—encouragingly prices may be bottoming. History is detailed and shows that crypto prices do...

ICO Countdown

GGCOIN cryptodivisas icos
Ends: 28/02/2019
GGCOIN cryptodivisas icos
LivenPay cryptodivisas icos
[ICO] LivenPay
Ends: 28/02/2019
LivenPay cryptodivisas icos
Menapay cryptodivisas icos
[ICO] Menapay
Ends: 15/03/2019
Menapay cryptodivisas icos
Lition cryptodivisas icos
[ICO] Lition
Starts: 01/03/2019
Lition cryptodivisas icos
CoVEX cryptodivisas icos
Starts: 22/03/2019
CoVEX cryptodivisas icos