Bitcoin [BTC] analysis – Capital accumulation as a prelude to a...

Anyone who is familiar with the stock market will be aware of attempts by public figures, institutions and large capitals to manipulate the prices...

Scams through Bitcoin [BTC] ATMs in Australia

More than $1 million Australian dollars have been lost by Australian taxpayers since July this year to scam artists requesting payment through Bitcoin ...

Top 10 MarketCap

Bitcoin$5583.55129886-4.81 %
XRP$0.46518546892.04 %
Ethereum$178.488316508-3.55 %
Bitcoin Cash$414.174683528-6.09 %
Stellar$0.2328776267-0.3 %
EOS$4.5699033093-0.89 %
Litecoin$43.0510594615-2.87 %
Tether$0.98587210770.29 %
Cardano$0.0620935153-4.76 %
Monero$86.7509205081-5.57 %

Crypto Academy

The Best Bitcoin mining Software for Windows / Mac / Linux

Bitcoin mining is one of the most economically satisfying activities when it comes to the crypto space. It involves two parts depending on your...

The best places to Buy Bitcoin with Paypal

Paypal has been for many years a way to send and receive payments used by millions of people around the world. Cryptocurrencies also start...


Blockchain technology will be used to liquidate assets tokenized in Singapore...

Singapore has just successfully completed its first trial on the use of Blockchain technology as a tool for tokenized assets settlements. According to a report...

The People’s Bank of China move Against Cryptocurrency Airdrops

There are indications that the China’s central bank, the People’s bank of China would expand on its crackdown on cryptocurrency-related products in recent weeks. The...

ICO Countdown

DeNet cryptodivisas icos
[ICO] DeNet
Ends: 30/11/2018
DeNet cryptodivisas icos
Peer Mountain cryptodivisas icos
[ICO] Peer Mountain
Ends: 31/12/2018
Peer Mountain cryptodivisas icos
Tachain cryptodivisas icos
[ICO] Tachain
Ends: 31/12/2018
Tachain cryptodivisas icos
ONe Network cryptodivisas icos
Starts: 27/11/2018
ONe Network cryptodivisas icos
Storiqa cryptodivisas icos
Starts: 28/11/2018
Storiqa cryptodivisas icos
BrikBit cryptodivisas icos
Starts: 29/11/2018
BrikBit cryptodivisas icos

Press releases

NEXT BLOCK Blockchain Conference Tel Aviv + Fabulous FashionTV After-Party

On 12 December 2018 Tel Aviv, Israel will host NEXT BLOCK Conference “From Chaos To Clarity: 2019 Trends” organized by Krypton Events. Bringing together over...

NEXT BLOCK Blockchain Conference Lisbon + Fabulous FashionTV After-Party

On 9 November 2018 Lisbon, Portugal will host NEXT BLOCK Conference “Evolution Of Property” organized by Krypton Events, supported by the leader for tracking...

Crypto-marketplace Storiqa Rolls Out the Platform For All Users

Storiqa, the first marketplace based on crypto, announces the platform launch for a testing period. From this week, all shoppers can experience shopping with...
malta blockchain event

Malta Independence Day: The Country’s Liberty in the Past and Today

21 September is the important day in the history of Malta. This day, in 1964, the country gained its independence from the United Kingdom....


Regulation and growth of cryptocurrencies: driving innovation in Thailand and Abu...

The need to establish regulatory frameworks for cryptocurrencies activity is a legislative agenda item that continues to be considered in more and more countries...

Pro Blockchain Politicians That Won Mid-Term US Election

There are not many openly pro blockchain politicians. This may be due to the fact that not many have taken time to study the...


South Korean Crypto Exchange PureBit Exit Scams with 13,000 Ethereum [ETH]...

PureBit, a newcomer to the cryptocurrency exchange scene has just vanished with its founders pulling an exit scam on its private sale investors stealing...

Bitfury continues to increase its capital and innovation

Recently the giant of the mining components manufacturing industry, Bitfury, made a successful round of private financing to boost its growth. Bitfury has stood out...
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Bitcoin [BTC] – Bitcoin ATMs About to Reach the 4,000 Machines...

The number of Bitcoin ATMs across the globe is about to reach a milestone of 4,000 machines. This figure is provided by CoinATMRadar, a...

Ethereum [ETH] – Ethereum CryptoKitties Creator Raises $15M in Financing

Ethereum CryptoKitties creator, Dapper Labs has announced the closure of a funding round led by the Venrock – the venture capital firm associated with...