UNICEF France will accept donations in 9 different cryptocurrencies

The French National Committee for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF France), announced its decision to start accepting donations in 9 different digital assets. Virtual...

Tether does not have a noticeable effect on the price of...

Contrary to the widely held belief that Tether (USDT) has been used to manipulate the coin market in the past, a new report is...
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Top 10 MarketCap

Bitcoin$6650.31061227-0.68 %
Ethereum$236.161118002-2.9 %
XRP$0.5249463339-7.23 %
Bitcoin Cash$471.799300538-3.14 %
EOS$5.7904149434-2.62 %
Stellar$0.2649212131-5.32 %
Litecoin$58.8295660421-3.33 %
Tether$1.00056163420.03 %
Cardano$0.0859830224-4.33 %
Monero$119.175503481-1.76 %

Crypto Academy

The best places to Buy Bitcoin with Paypal

Paypal has been for many years a way to send and receive payments used by millions of people around the world. Cryptocurrencies also start...

Bitcoin ETF: Everything you need to know.

Bitcoin ETF is one of the buzz phrases that have taken the cryptocurrency and financial world by storm. Whether you are an established crypto...


Tim Draper: “The crypto market cap will be $ 80 trillion...

Investor Tim Draper, well-known in the venture capital industry, has predicted that the total cryptocurrency market capitalization will reach $ 80 trillion in the...

Blockchain is expected to add 1 trillion dollars to world trade...

Recent research efforts by the World Economic Forum (WEF) have concluded that blockchain technology has the capacity to substantially reduce the 1.5 trillion gap...

ICO Countdown

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[ICO] Cryptassist
Ends: 29/09/2018
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[ICO] Tutellus
Ends: 30/09/2018
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[ICO] Konios Project
Ends: 30/09/2018
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[ICO] Bithemoth
Starts: 30/09/2018
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[ICO] DeNet
Starts: 01/10/2018
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Press releases

malta blockchain event

Malta Independence Day: The Country’s Liberty in the Past and Today

21 September is the important day in the history of Malta. This day, in 1964, the country gained its independence from the United Kingdom....

2018 Blockchain Technology Summit was Successfully Held in Shanghai

The “2018 Blockchain Technology Summit” organized and held by concluded successfully on Aug 25, Shanghai. This Summit focuses on the development and future...

Sometimes a Centralized System Is Better – Mathias Sundin, Member of Swedish Parliament

There is a need to experiment with decentralized solutions in all industries and see where they can be used, believes Mathias Sundin, Member of...

Say good-bye to summer with discounts! First 50 tickets to Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference...

From August 28 to August 31, you can buy tickets to Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta at the hottest price — 99 EUR! Hurry...


Knowing some aspects of the lawsuits about cryptocurrencies in the US

The cryptographic activity has grown exponentially during the last two years, so much so that the pressures of regulatory entities have taken shape and...

South Korean Government Interested in the Growth of Blockchain Industry

The South Korean government has expressed determination to support the local blockchain industry according to a report by Business Korea. The Science and ICT ministry...


Brazil’s largest brokerage firm to incorporate crypto trading

Brazil’s biggest brokerage firm, Grupo XP, has confirm its intentions to incorporate cryptocurrency trading into its system within the last quarter of 2018. The...

ICON and Korea’s largest telecommunications conglomerate to bring blockchain technology to...

Over half of South Korea’s population is bound to have active exposure to blockchain technology following a partnership formed between the country's highly valued...


Aragón in Spain will be the first autonomous community to apply...

The Spanish autonomous community of Aragon situated to the North-eastern part of Spain becomes the first community in the country to adopt blockchain at...

World Economic Forum Highlights Blockchain’s Use in Environmental Conservation

The World Economic Forum Foundation has been increasingly involved in programmes that address the global environmental challenges. In its recent report released on Friday,...