Thailand advances as a potential paradise for projects with cryptocurrencies

More and more countries are adopting permissive regulatory frameworks for activities with cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects, such as ICOs. Now it is the case...


Bulltoken: Attending the best ICO´s

In these months we have attended an important number of ICO's of all kinds, some of which unfortunately sound too good to be true....

Top 10 MarketCap

Currency Price Change
Bitcoin $6538.64 -0.51 %
Ethereum $502.659 0.13 %
Ripple $0.531194 -1.23 %
Bitcoin Cash $853.23 -0.49 %
EOS $10.5182 -1.74 %
Litecoin $96.7935 -0.78 %
Stellar $0.235382 0.68 %
Cardano $0.162868 -0.33 %
IOTA $1.18218 -2.34 %
TRON $0.043067 -0.75 %

ICO Countdown

Greeneum cryptodivisas icos
[ICO] Greeneum
Ends: 29/06/2018
Greeneum cryptodivisas icos
Telluria cryptodivisas icos
[ICO] Telluria
Ends: 02/07/2018
Telluria cryptodivisas icos
Tutellus cryptodivisas icos
[ICO] Tutellus
Ends: 12/07/2018
Tutellus cryptodivisas icos


Ukrainian Companies have Created 25 Cryptocurrencies

Ukraine, one of the many eastern European countries where digital currency adoption is high has reported that businesses in the country have created 25...

The average ICO´s investor gets 82% profit according to a study

A study conducted by the Boston College Carroll School of Management has shown that the average investor in initial coin offerings is raking in up...

Press Releases

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The Road to Mass Blockchain Adoption by Traditional Companies

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Mastercard and its card verification system based on Blockchain

MasterCard, the second largest credit card company in the world, has filed a patent for its new card verification system based in blockchain with...

Fidelity Investments advances in its operations plans with cryptocurrencies

The giant Fidelity Investments is still advancing in the sector of digital currencies. Among its ongoing plans is to build a cryptocurrency exchange of...