Lo que no sabías de las Ofertas de Tokens de Seguridad

Lo que no sabías de las Ofertas de Tokens de Seguridad (STO)

Los mecanismos de crowfunding que muchas empresas han optado elegir, como las ICO, han tenido un importante auge durante 2017 y 2018. Muchas empresas...
btc central banks

Central Banks and cryptocurrencies

When we talk about cryptocurrencies we must necessarily mention the main attributes of these, which have also driven them: decentralization, anonymity, security, transparency. Precisely...

Has crypto-anarchy arrived?

If something has caused stinging in most of the governments of the world regarding cryptography, it is the decentralized aspect of it, which makes...

Cryptocurrencies could be the new gold

The issue of means of exchange of value is as old as humanity itself. Each epoch has had its circumstance and its context in...
la criptografia busca la adopción de las mujeres

Are there gender factors in the success of cryptography?

There is no doubt that the advent of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is beginning to change several paradigms as its adoption becomes more latent...
Jack Ma, fundador de Alibaba: Bitcoin sí es una burbuja, Blockchain no

Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba: Bitcoin is a bubble, Blockchain is not

One of the most sensible voices in the world of global business, is undoubtedly Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba. Ma is quite clear about...
Warren quizas estabas equivocado sobre bitcoin

“Warren, maybe you’re wrong about Bitcoin”

It is public and notorious the rejection that the billionaire Warren Buffet has expressed towards Bitcoin, with his other respectable reasons, but no less...
El ministro de la hacienda Española Montoro empeñado en fiscalizar Bitcoin

Spain’s Minister of Finance Montoro pawned on controlling Bitcoin

Although experts have explained the difficulty in the short and medium term of controlling the cryptocurrency market, Cristóbal Montoro, in charge of the Tax...
Bitcoin, criptomonedas

Bitcoin Conferences Is A New Money maker for Organizers

Just this month, there are more than 20 Bitcoin and cryptocurrency conferences scheduled. These conferences do not come cheap. For instance, the Coindesk Consensus...
Bill Gates intenta criminalizar Bitcoin

Bill Gates tries to criminalize Bitcoin

That the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, goes around making statements against cryptocurrencies is not something that surprises much, despite having assured that Bitcoin...

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