cboe sec etf bitcoin

Bitcoin [BTC] – CBOE Resubmits Its VanEck-SolidX Bitcoin ETF Proposal with the SEC

As promised, the CBOE has resubmitted its joint application with VanEck and SolidX to the United States financial watchdog the Securities and Exchange Commission...
El Gobierno de Italia introduce por primera vez términos Blockchain en su regulación

The Government of Italy Introduces Blockchain Terms in Regulation for the First Time

Two Italian Senate Committees, The committee of Constitutional Affair and the committee of Public Works, have approved an amendment on blockchain industry regulation according...
Un importante proyecto de ley pro-criptomonedas se presentará en el Congreso de los Estados Unidos

An important pro-cryptocurrency bill will be presented at the United States Congress

The Token Taxonomy Act is believed to be the most powerful pro-cryptocurrency bill among all those that have so far been discussed. This is...
india bitcoin [BTC] criptomonedas

Bitcoin [BTC] – India Could Soon Legalize the Use of Bitcoin

India, a largely anti-bitcoin country is expected to renege on it's earlier decision to ban Bitcoin and other digital assets and declaring the...
El Crypto Valley de Zug podría crecer aún más con las nuevas regulaciones suizas

Zug’s Crypto Valley could grow even more with the new Swiss regulations

Switzerland is a country that has very well dyed-in-the-wool of the cryptocurrency market, posing itself among the world’s leading blockchain hubs. The country, officially...

The apparent Chinese ambiguity regarding cryptography

In the global cryptographic spectrum, the country with the greatest influence on hash capacity is China, a nation whose government openly and formally opposes...
npa japon criptomonedas

Bitcoin [BTC] – Reports to Police on Suspicious Cryptocurrency Use in Japan Surge by...

The Japanese National Police Agency (NPA) announced on Thursday, December 6th, having received 5,944 reports on cases involving the misuse of cryptocurrencies to commit...
Impulso a las compañías blockchain a través de la nueva licencia FinTech de los reguladores suizos

A Boost on Blockchain Companies through the New FinTech Licence from Swiss Regulators

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has made an announcement on their platform allowing innovative financial companies to apply for its new FinTech...
rusia criptomonedas

Russia: Crypto bill draft pushed back to first reading due to errors

The bill draft that will contain the regulatory framework for digital currencies in Russia, which was discussed in that country's parliament, has been returned...
Cumbre del G-20: Acuerdan regular las criptomonedas "en línea con los estándares del GAFI"

G20 Summit: Agree to regulate cryptocurrencies “in line with FATF standards”

The G20 Summit, an annual event that brings together leaders of 19 of the leading economies in the world and the European Union (EU)...

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