Peer Mountain: un entorno de confianza garantizado

Peer Mountain: a guaranteed trusted environment

The blockchain technology allows among its many features, the development of trusted environments for all kinds of interactions, including business interactions. Peer Mountain is...
Democracy Earth: blockchain al servicio de la democracia efectiva

Democracy Earth: blockchain at the service of effective democracy

Climate change, the unequal distribution of opportunities, terrorism and forced migration are the product of misguided policies and confrontation between national governments. Taking in...
CYBR: seguridad on line basada en blockchain

CYBR: On-line security based on Blockchain

Online security is a critical issue not only for governments and companies, but for every common user. Data, information and day-to-day activities are often...
MyCryptobank, banca fácil y sin fronteras

MyCryptobank, easy banking without borders

The financial systems continue to change to provide their customers with better experiences, this is the case of MyCryptoBank, an online bank that allows...
one red social blockchain

ONe: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and DAPPS in a social network

One of the best demonstrations of the versatility of blockchain technology is the one we are starting to see on social networking platforms. ONe...
CoinFast: marketing para ICO e inversión rentable

CoinFast: marketing for ICOS and profitable investment

CoinFast was created to provide specific services to new companies or established companies, who wish to create their own ICO (initial coin offering) in...
BrikBit: social network and real estate in Blockchain

BrikBit: social network and real estate in Blockchain

One of the most notable applications that tokenization is having is the one that real estate platforms like BrikBit are doing. This time we...

Talentchain: talent assets in blockchain

Thanks to the blockchain technology, you can have access to records of virtually any kind of events that are added to a chain of...

Platio: Smart banking for businesses that combines cryptography and fiat money

Undoubtedly blockchain technology, which has been said to be the cornerstone of the fourth digital revolution, has the potential to drastically change the way...
Las ICO han recaudado más de 20.000 millones de dólares desde 2017

ICOs have raised more than 20,000 million dollars since 2017

$20 billion have been raised in cryptocurrency token offerings - ICOs - since the start of 2017 to September 2018 according to a recent...

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[ICO] Menapay
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