[DASH] – Blockchain Analytics Platform Blockchair Launches a Dash Explorer

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Blockchain explorer suite of software Blockchair has recently added the Dash blockchain explorer to its expanding suite of explorers that include Bitcoin’s, Ethereum’s, Bitcoin Cash’s Litecoin’s, Bitcoin SV’s and Dogecoin explorers. The addition of Dash explorer brings the total number of explorers available on the platform to 7.

In its announcement on Twitter, the service wrote:

“Happy to introduce our brand-new #Dash explorer to you! 🚀 Find transactions, sort and filter Dash blockchain data easily (quick example: filter all ProRegTx transactions […] try it out and let us know what you think! Available at https://blockchair.com/dash.”

Blockchair offers a robust set of services within each explorer and with Dash’s, users will be able to “find transactions and addresses, access a professional API, filter and sort Dash blockchain data, prepare and print transaction receipts in PDF format, and for the researchers, they will be able to access database dumps.” In addition, Blockchair says that stats and charts based on the data mined from the Dash blockchain will be enabled soon.


It is clear from the list above that Blockchair offers blockchain data tools beyond what most explorers offer. The Blockchair website actually states the vision of Blockchair as becoming the “Google of blockchains” and describes its service as “an engine that consists of blockchain explorers on steroids.”

The Blockchair platform is rather all-inclusive as any user from casual browsers to traders and coin fanatics to researchers and developers are able to use it without any difficulty. The website layout is fluid and intuitive to every user to the platform.

Regardless of the blockchain under analysis, the user interface is constant. Extra features that users enjoy with this explorer is the especially telling mempool feature that reports on the number of unconfirmed transactions that are waiting in line. Network stats, transaction stats and detailed information on both the inputs and outputs is also supplied as a given with this explorer.

Dash developers and the core team has embarked on a mission to spread the cryptocurrency gospel and encourage more adoption by the average consumer.

The cryptocurrency offers applications such as PrivateSend and Dashpay which ensure anonymity of transactions and fast transaction confirmation times respectively.

Dash adoption has achieved some major adoption milestones especially in Latin America but the team is not intending on stopping there as of yet. Blockchair’s provision of a Dash explorer ensures that increasing Dash users will have a set of tools to analyze the blockchain and print out their receipts for both openness and privacy of transactions.