Poloniex: USD Coin [USDC] ahora se negocia con Monero [XMR]

Poloniex: USD Coin [USDC] Now Traded Against Monero [XMR]

The US based digital asset platform, Poloniex recently announced Monero , among other cryptocurrencies as a trading pair for USD Coin . USDC is...
Monero [XMR] precauciones antes de operar en OTC

Monero [XMR] precautions before operating in OTC

‘Over the counter’ has been around for quite a while now. OTC more specifically refers to the easy access part than anything else. This...
Ejecutando nodos de Monero [XMR], local y remoto

Running Monero [XMR] nodes, local and remote

In the Monero network infrastructure, nodes are considered to be very important. When connecting to the Monero network, running a node is a very...
Monero [XMR], seguridad en intercambios

Monero [XMR] Exchange Safety

In the digital assets world, exchanges are considered the most appropriate way to sell or buy Monero . Therefore, having digital assets exchanges, whether...
El Nodo Completo de Monero [XMR], ¿cómo se ejecuta?

The Monero [XMR] Complete Node, how is it executed?

Monero is an incomparable cryptocurrency that offers a private digital currency that is very secure and untraceable. XMR has a software architecture that...
XMRWallet se ha actualizado por completo a Vo.13.0.4 Beryllium Bullet de Monero

XMRWallet has been completely updated to Vo.13.0.4 Beryllium Bullet from Monero

The XMRWallet.com has fully upgraded to Vo.13.0.4 Beryllium Bullet- the just recent Hard Fork for Monero, which incorporates an upgrade of the network’s protocol...
Local Monero rompe barreras, ya está disponible en español

Local Monero breaks barriers, is now available in Spanish

Local Monero is a website that acts as an exchange platform connecting buyers and sellers of Monero . This online exchange enables users to...
Monerujo: Wallet de Android de código abierto para Monero [XMR]

Monerujo: The Open-Source Android Wallet for Monero [XMR]

With the rising demand for scalable and easily accessible crypto wallets, everyone is looking for safe and solid solutions. Monerujo is here to provide...
XMR.to - El sistema de pago con criptomonedas de Monero [XMR] a Bitcoin [BTC]

XMR.to – The Monero [XMR] to Bitcoin [BTC] Cryptocurrency Payment System

XMR.to is simply an online service that allows users to make anonymous payments via the well known cryptocurrency, Monero. Primarily, the user pays money...
Monero [XMR] Transacciones Multisig en pruebas

Monero [XMR] Multisig Transactions in tests

Monero, the blockchain behind XMR, is a privacy-centred cryptocurrency, fairly known for a network of innovations. Recently the Multisig tests have been started, this...
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