Iampass desafía la biometría en la plataforma IOTA

Iampass Challenges Biometrics On IOTA Platform

In a world in which we need new IDs after the previous one, Iampass wants to build a biometric system that will change the...

Korean Food Delivery App Developer Seeks to Launch an ICO

South Korea banned ICOs since September amid the Chinese clampdown. That has not stopped determined Korean companies from seeking ICO funds from abroad. Recently,...
Edward Snowden opina que Bitcoin no deberia ser libro público

Edward Snowden: The Main Flaw Bitcoin Has is Privacy, Not Scalability.

Edward Snowden has faulted Bitcoin for being a public ledger, saying that the main challenge with the cryptocurrency is the inability to conceal user...
Expertos preciden 30.000 $ para bitcoin en 2018

Experts Predict Bitcoin Could Hit $30,000 By End of 2018.

There have been wild speculations around Bitcoin. This may not be unconnected with the dramatic rise in the cryptocurrency's value last year in which...
Denaro podría ser una estafa

Denaro could be another scam in initial offers of currencies

The ICOs have shown that trusting random strangers on the Internet is sometimes not the best option, especially if no previous research has been...
Kodak contrato con WENN Digital revelado

The details of the Kodak ICO contract with WENN Digital are revealed

Details of the arrangements that authorized WENN Digital to take charge of the Kodak Coin and its ICO are being released. According to documents...
Atlanta es hackeada x ransomware

Atlanta Hit By A Ransomeware Attack

The city of Atlanta is the latest to be hit with ransomeware attack by hackers who are demanding $51,000 in Bitcoins to remove malware...

What is Oyster?

Blockchain technology and the ICO´s are being the dynamic duo of the explosion of start ups these days. The case about which we will...

Bitcoin Gold: The new hardfork of Bitcoin

Next October 25 will happen a new bitcoin bifurcation: Bitcoin Gold. In this post we will share some details that you should know about...

Modex: the Smart Contract Market for All

The development that blockchain technology is impacting in various sectors is changing many paradigms. One of these paradigms is the one about interactions between...

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