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In this section we publish the weekly technical analysis of the prices of the main cryptocurrencies that our specialists elaborate based on the evolution of the markets.

Ethereum price analysis ETH

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH/USD “Very” Bullish above $170

Latest Ethereum  News There is a lot to rave about Ethereum. As a pioneering smart contracting platform whose face was a then 21 year...
Análisis de precios de Ripple: XRP subió un 5,6 %, los toros miran hacia los 80 centavos

Ripple Price Analysis: XRP up 5.6 Percent, Bulls Eyeing 80 Cents

Latest Ripple News Well, there is nothing new about the recent study that BTC and most altcoins are correlated. They always have and albeit thin...

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Consolidates Below $4,000

Latest Bitcoin News Of course, blockchain as a Triple Entry accounting system is advantageous in several ways. There are no third parties and coin owners...
Análisis de precios de Ethereum: ETH vuelve a ocupar el segundo lugar agregando 600 millones de dólares

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Back to Second, Adds $600 Million

Latest Ethereum News 2018 was tumultuous and with most investors seeing a silver lining after 12 months of pounding, Ethereum price expansion is dependent...

Ethereum [ETH] Price Analysis: ETH/USD Lift Off, Print Above $100 Ushering Bulls

Latest Ethereum News The main advantage of open source projects--of which most are bank rolled via ICOs thanks to the smart contracting capabilities of...

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH/USD Slide 8 Percent, May Close the Week on a High

Latest Ethereum News Sometimes, the heavy handedness of regulators can have adverse effects on blockchain projects. Following last year’s ICO mania, several startups were able...
Bitcoin btc

Bitcoin [BTC] Price Analysis: BTC/USD Falter, $300 Away from the Dreaded $3,000 Mark

Latest Bitcoin News There are some stunning similarities between what they said about the internet back in the early 90s and even at the...
trx/usd análisis

Tron [TRX] Price Analysis TRX/USD: Reflections on the past week

Tron has declined in value over the past 7 days as the charts saw it drop from 0.01398 USDT (4th of December) to...
xrp/usd precio de ripple

Ripple Price Analysis: With CoinBase, XRP-Siri, Alexa, XRP/USD Could Test 40 Cents This Week

Latest Ripple News Even as the market experience one of the largest drawdowns in recent history, heavy weights are making their forays. Starting with...
análisis ada cardano

Cardano [ADA] Price analysis ADA/USD: A look at the past seven days

Cardano has had a 22.9% depreciation in value over the past seven days from around 0.04265 USDT on the 29th of November to...
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