Otro hito para la compañía de investigación y desarrollo de Cardano, IOHK

Another Milestone for Cardano’s Research and Development Company, IOHK

Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), one of the three research and development organisations that work full time to take care of Cardano has reached...

How DApps Can Save Blockchain with Utility

What Are Decentralized Applications, ? Decentralized Applications are applications or programs run on a Peer-to-Peer network of computers rather than a single computer with trustless...
IOHK lanza dos nuevos lenguajes de programación para desarrolladores y financieros

IOHK launches two new programming languages for developers and financiers

Input Output Hong Kong , the company behind the Cardano blockchain, recently released two programming languages that will expand the programmability of smart contracts...
TenX: Transferencia de tokens ERC20 a Bitcoin en fase de pruebas

TenX: rehearsing for better scalability of ERC20 to Bitcoin

One of the indispensable technical conditions for the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies, is to resolve the issue of scalability. The interconnection between the various...
South Korea

South Korea begins to invest in blockchain developments

In the Asian continent, the positions regarding blockchain technology and cryptography have been particularly strong. From permissive official positions like those of Japan, Thailand...
La ingeniería blockchain llega a la Universidad de California

Blockchain engineering arrives at the University of California

The demand for blockchain skills has gone through the roof in the recent past with the supply struggling to keep up. A lot of...

Lightning Network and OpenNode, its Bitcoin [BTC] payment processor

One of the most significant qualitative contributions received by Bitcoin in terms of improvements, without a doubt comes from Lightning Network. With the creation...

CryptoWerkSeal: blockchain digital seals for data protection

Cryptowerk, a data integrity company that uses blockchain to authenticate digital assets, recently introduced its new product, the CryptowerkSeal, which is characterized by a...

Block.one’s EOSHackathon Cape Town Grand Finale

Block.one, the publisher of the famous EOSIO blockchain protocol, recently started the Grand Final of its EOS Global Hackathon series in Cape Town.  The...
Presidente de Coinbase: Las criptomonedas están permitiendo la creación de la web descentralizada

President of Coinbase: The cryptocurrencies are allowing the creation of the decentralized web

Decentralization may be the answer to the internet’s centralized mess. Decentralization simply describes the design of a network that is not managed by a...

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