The apparent Chinese ambiguity regarding cryptography

In the global cryptographic spectrum, the country with the greatest influence on hash capacity is China, a nation whose government openly and formally opposes...
npa japon criptomonedas

Bitcoin [BTC] – Reports to Police on Suspicious Cryptocurrency Use in Japan Surge by...

The Japanese National Police Agency (NPA) announced on Thursday, December 6th, having received 5,944 reports on cases involving the misuse of cryptocurrencies to commit...
Impulso a las compañías blockchain a través de la nueva licencia FinTech de los reguladores suizos

A Boost on Blockchain Companies through the New FinTech Licence from Swiss Regulators

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has made an announcement on their platform allowing innovative financial companies to apply for its new FinTech...
rusia criptomonedas

Russia: Crypto bill draft pushed back to first reading due to errors

The bill draft that will contain the regulatory framework for digital currencies in Russia, which was discussed in that country's parliament, has been returned...
Cumbre del G-20: Acuerdan regular las criptomonedas "en línea con los estándares del GAFI"

G20 Summit: Agree to regulate cryptocurrencies “in line with FATF standards”

The G20 Summit, an annual event that brings together leaders of 19 of the leading economies in the world and the European Union (EU)...
La Comisión de la Unión Europea lanza una nueva asociación Blockchain que invita a los principales bancos

The European Union Commission Launches New Blockchain Association Inviting Major Banks

European Commission, the Executive body of the European Union , has secured a number of leading banks to its new Blockchain Association. One of...

Ethereum [ETH] – Two ICO Issuers Settle with the SEC to Register their Tokens...

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) yesterday through a press release published on their website announced that it had settled charges against two Ethereum-based...
Regulación y crecimiento de criptomonedas: impulsando la innovación en Tailandia y Abu Dabi

Regulation and growth of cryptocurrencies: driving innovation in Thailand and Abu Dhabi

The need to establish regulatory frameworks for cryptocurrencies activity is a legislative agenda item that continues to be considered in more and more countries...
Políticos pro blockchain en EEUU que ganaron las elecciones a medio plazo

Pro Blockchain Politicians That Won Mid-Term US Election

There are not many openly pro blockchain politicians. This may be due to the fact that not many have taken time to study the...
Regulación y crecimiento de las criptomonedas: el caso de Japón

Regulation and growth of cryptocurrencies: the case of Japan

Much has been said and discussed about the need to regulate the activity related to cryptocurrencies. Let's see here how the case of Japan...

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