Conjure la nueva DApp de Neo construye una plataforma de contenido descentralizado

New Neo DApp Conjure is Building a Decentralized Content Platform

Conjure, the new NEO Decentralized Application is building a content platform that aims to reward everyone who participates on the Conjure platform with...

Aphelion Re-launches its Mainnet, DEX and Announces its ICO Hub

Aphelion, the Peer-to-Peer trading platform built on the NEO blockchain, recently announced that they are adding a new function to their platform, the Aphelion...
Neo Ray lleva el desarrollo de contratos inteligentes de NEO a un nuevo nivel

NeoRay Takes NEO Smart Contract Development to a Whole New Level

NeoRay is a super tool designed by NewEconoLab , that integrates the compilation, deployment, invocation, and debugging of smart contracts. In the past NewEconoLab had...
Switcheo Network crea Callisto, el primer puente entre Ethereum [ETH] y NEO

Switcheo Network creates Callisto, the first bridge between Ethereum [ETH] and NEO

Switcheo, the NEO-based cryptocurrency non-custodian exchange has finally launched the much anticipated Callisto update that will enable the trading of Ethereum -based ERC-20 tokens...

NEO effects its airdrop and distributes Ontology (ONT)

On March 1, the first part of the NEO airdrop was carried out, where Ontology tokens (ONT) were distributed to the NEO holders in their...

A little more about NEO

At this time of release to the market of so many initiatives and start ups there are always those that stand out from others...

What is NEO Smart Economy?

NEO, formerly Antshares, was founded in 2014 in China, being the first open source blockchain in that country. Its mission has been to reinvent...
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