NEM theft

Coincheck returns the stolen XEM to those affected by the hack

As announced some days ago, Coincheck, the Japanese exchange, will begin today to return the NEM (XEM) stolen by the hack that occurred on...

CoinCheck will compensate NEM holders

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange CoinCheck has announced they will compensate an estimated of 260,000 NEM holders for a total amount of $ 523 million worth...

The theft of $ 530 million in XEM from the Coincheck exchange could have...

Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange CoinCheck suffered from a hack that took $530 million worth of XEM – the native coin of NEM – according to...

Japanese exchange Coincheck confirmed hacked

There were indications Friday morning that something was wrong at the Tokyo based exchange, Coincheck when the company suspended operations. It was later confirmed...

LocationCore: The new NEM proposal

The blockchain platform of NEM has been having an important acceptance in diversity of projects, many of which are putting to vote of the...

CopyrightBank: registration and verification of copyright powered by NEM

  CopyrightBank is a project proposed by the NEM community whose purpose is to register and verify the copyright of various categories of digital creations,...

Catapult: The NEM and Tech Bureau alliance one year later

A little over a year ago, the open source project NEM and startup Tech Bureau forged an alliance. His intention was to create a...

Interview with Lon Wong, president and founder of NEM Foundation

Probably everyone knows about the NEM blockchain solution platform. But always behind every project there are those responsible who put their best to advance...

NEM: Forward expansion

Driven by a theme known as the "New Economy Movement," the non-profit NEM Foundation based in Singapore is on an ambitious quest to promote...

NEM: The sleeping giant

Continuing our editorial line approaching new and interesting projects in the world of blockchain technology, this time we will talk about the NEM platform...
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