La adopción de Dash en Colombia ve nuevos máximos a medida que más comercios se registran en Dashpay

Dash Adoption in Colombia Sees New Highs as More Merchants Sign-up For Dashpay

Dash cryptocurrency is growing by leaps and bounds with Venezuela leading the way. Now Dash representatives in Colombia are also reporting great progress in...
Los comercios venezolanos que aceptan Dash superan los 2500, más de la mitad del total global

The Venezuelan businesses that accept Dash surpass 2500, more than half of the global...

Digital assets adoption in Venezuela is on the rise following the devaluation of the Venezuelan Bolivar currency. The country is facing skyrocketing inflation rates...
Massive adoption in Venezuela

Dash Text paves the way for mass adoption in Venezuela, integrates with POS

Venezuelan-based wallet provider Dash Text, which allows its users to make transactions with Dash via SMS, has just integrated with POS so to allow...
Dash [DASH] will have POS devices based on its cryptocurrency

Dash [DASH] will have POS devices based on its cryptocurrency

Dash, the so-called “digital cash” cryptocurrency, has shown a noteworthy growth in the Latin American region, over the course of this year. The interest...
Dash Text activa sus transferencias vía SMS en Venezuela

Dash Text activates its transfers via SMS in Venezuela

We have already talked here in Crypto Economy about the difficult general situation that millions of Venezuelans are going through, and as a formal...
Dash es incluida en la cartera SMS CoinText

Dash is added to crypto SMS wallet CoinText

A couple days ago, it was known that the cryptocurrency SMS wallet CoinText – known to enable people to make transactions in digital assets...
El exchange indio Bitbns agrega Dash a su portafolio

Indian exchange Bitbns adds Dash to its portfolio

Bitbns, one of the mayor exchanges in India, has recently announced it will add Dash to its wide array of tradeable crypto assets, allowing...
El CEO de DASH invita a las empresas a entrar en la cripto-industria "con cautela"

Dash CEO exhort companies to enter the crypto industry “with caution”

The adoption of blockchain technology in several industrial and commercial sectors, whether big or small, have sparked all type of commentaries coming from more...
Dash Merchant Help Vzla

Dash is helping the situation of many Venezuelans

The dire economic, social and freedom situation that Venezuela is going through is already a Latin American regional problem that has ignited the concern...
Criptoentusiastas buscan masificar la adopción de Dash en Venezuela

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts working on mass adoption of Dash in Venezuela

A group of Venezuelan entrepreneur committed themselves to make aware and convince their fellow countrymen about the use of cryptocurrencies as a payment method...
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