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In this section we bring you the latest news about Tron (TRX), an ambitious project dedicated to the establishment of a truly decentralized Internet and its infrastructure.
The current TRON team radiates from Beijing to Seoul, Tokyo, San Francisco and many other countries and regions, with a total of more than 100 members. TRON’s technology backbones are made up of experienced blockchain enthusiasts who previously worked for Internet giants such as Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu.
From crypto economy we work to keep our audience informed about the sector of cryptocurrencies, if you want to be aware of everything that happens with Tron and its cryptocurrency (TRX) do not miss visiting us.

Justin Sun: La regulación es la puerta de entrada a la adopción de las criptomonedas y blockchain

Justin Sun: Regulation is the gateway to the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain

In a bid to prove crypto isn't a scam Justin Sun Tron CEO has employed a former employee of SEC to head Tron compliance...
TRON planea asociarse con la reconocida compañía de publicidad móvil Kiip en el futuro

TRON plans to partner with the well-known mobile advertising company Kiip in the future

TRON, the blockchain platform launched as the foundation for decentralized entertainment ecosystem, keeps developing day by day. According to TRON, Brian Wong, Kiip CEO...
CoinGate lanza soporte para pagos con TRON (TRX) para comercios online

CoinGate Adds Support for TRON (TRX) Payments for Online Merchants

CoinGate, the online crypto platform that provides merchant services to businesses and individuals recently announced the addition support for TRON (TRX) allowing merchants who...
ABCC, el primer intercambio que lista tokens TRX 10

ABCC, the first exchange that lists TRX 10 tokens

Justin Sun, the co-founder of the world’s 9th largest cryptocurrency, TRON (TRX) has appreciated ABCC Exchange on its twitter handle stating that the platform...
LordLess tiene la intención de unirse a TRON Arcade

LordLess Intends To Join TRON Arcade

TRON Arcade is widely expanding the gaming industry, turning it into the fastest-growing sectors in technology. The platform recently made an announcement on their...
btex exchange tron trx

TRON [TRX] To Be Launched On BTEX

On 10th January 2019, the Tron Foundation announced that it will be launched on the global crypto exchange, The launch is expected to...
El popular EtherGoo se convierte a TRON con el nuevo juego TronGoo

The popular EtherGoo Converts to TRON with the New Game TronGoo

EtherGoo, the popular decentralized app on the Ethereum blockchain has now entered the TRON blockchain with a new DApp called TronGoo. With all these...
Cómo comprar TRX en Local TRON

How to buy Tron [TRX] on LocalTRX

Another good news for the TRON community is that a p2p market has been introduced to buy and sell TRON OTC. LocalTRX is...
Los populares MMORPG DLT chinos se unen al TRON Arcade Fund

Popular Chinese DLT MMORPGs Joins the TRON Arcade Fund

Just recently, in late November, the TRON foundation set up a special DLT game fund called TRON Arcade. The foundation aims to invest up...
quema de tokens erc20 tron trx

Tron Sets A New Record Of 900k Accounts in Less Than 200 Days

In just 178 days the TRON Mainnet managed to reach a new record of 900,000 accounts, making it the current face of news in...

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